This is the man Republicans have nominated to be governor....

He is gaining on Cuomo.

He opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest. He opposes marriage equality (Cuomo supports it). He wants to cut medicaid 20%, and have welfare recipients shipped to upstate work camps in refurbished prisons.

Are you registered to vote at your current address?

If not you can download a registration form here...
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Y'all send me checks so I don't have to work and can have babies and a free house and I would vote for Cuomo too. Nothin'wrong with that!
Lily, c'mon over here and buy me a drink!!! I'm an illegal immigrant! Of course, that was in Paris and a long time ago, but, that doesn't make any difference! Where's your COMPASSION? All the good wine shops are closed...
Cuomo has no plans to raise any taxes. And yes I do pay taxes. I don't resent helping my community as much as you seem to though.

Also the latest poll has Cuomo at 60% and Palladino at 37%.

New York is still a progressive state. Sorry Darla.
Cuomo won over 61% of the vote, Paladino 35% statewide. In the city, Cuomo won over 80% of the vote. The rest of the country might have gone bananas, but New York is still progressive.
As much as it is no contest who would be better to have in office, one thing Cuomo is going backward on is his vow to veto NY State legislature's almost certain passage of laws to allow for medical marijuana.

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