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And it stars Klaus Nomi, of all people. I also heard that Bowie makes a surprise appearance.
"The Nomi Song"

For anyone who hasn't heard of Nomi, he was one of the most original and misunderstood artists/performers of the 20th century, a sort of enigma amidst a growing culture in underground NYC during the early 80s. The film, however, not only captures Nomi's essence as a performer, but also the movement in general to find something new.

I watched this movie for the same reason that I watched 24 Hour Party People, to get a glimpse into a generally ignored topic (well, not anymore). Anyone else see this film that wants to comment? I saw it at Universal and thought it was great, and the soon-to-be-released DVD supposedly has a lot of extras, count me in.
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Welcome to The Motherboards Alexz.

"The Nomi song" is truelly wonderful. Klaus was a unique and endearing personailty. The film captures the period and Klaus' climb up the ladder to " success". Lots of great NYC legends in the film as well: Joey Arias, Kenny Scarf and others. It's always a shame that they wait until after someones dies to make a film about them. Klaus deserved so much more. He was a true original and a sweet and darling person.

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