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I haven't been on here in a few years, I hope I'm posting in the right spot!

I have spent the last couple of years writing a book about my experiences as a nightlife diva in NYC, and also what led up to that. I am really close to being finished, rocking about 92,000 words!

     Here's where I could use some help, does anyone remember or know how I can figure out the exact date the Scissor Sisters played at Plaid? (sometime between 02 and 04)

Same question for Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black at Plaid? I have tried everything short of calling them myself. I have tried wayback, google, and here! Ideas? Memories? Pics?

          Best Regards! Seraphim B Penumbra

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     I couldn't possibly forget! Can you believe Garo's show on Sundance? I am a mix of inspired and proud!

     Also just saw Ms Nicks at the Fillmore, SF a few days ago. During Edge of Seventeen, during her stage walk, I got to hold her hand for a sec, and she looked right into my eyes and said "Thank You!"

     I have never seen her look more lovely or sound more flawless. That made me think of you, and the good old days. Love to Johnny and all of the magical nightlife luminaries!

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