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313 Bowery (between 1 and 2nd Street)
Doors open from 10:30
Cover:$10/$5 with printout till midnight

If it seems that irony has been dead for long enough, get ready for a restorative dose at JACKIE 60 FURTHER'S Season Opener DONATELLITH FAIR on Saturday, September 21. It's Fashion Week, and the night's premise is a festival a la Lilith Fair, where the Sublime Divas of Fashion suddenly switch gears, hoist acoustic guitars and lift their voices in song.

Look for signature Jackie Morphs like DONATELLA MCLACHLAN, festival founder, combining the very best (and worst) of DONATELLA VERSACE and SARAH MCLACHLAN in the body and voice of transy folk sensation LISA JACKSON (1 AM.) Donatella's good friend NAOMI CAMPBELL ARIE will be served by performance artiste DERRICK IN A DRESS. This being Jackie, the girls will also be boys - including grrlrocker KAREN CURIOUS as STEPHEN SPROUTS and CHI CHI VALENTI as KARLI LAGERFELD. Other festival faves will include DJ JOHNNY DYNELL, HATTIE HATHAWAY as EMMY LOU WINTOUR and the HOUSE OF DOMINATION.

Suggested dress: Chanel guitar straps, Indigo Girls Vs. As Four, Vera Wang gowns with Erica Badu headwraps, Mary McFadden gothgirl eveningwear, Sarah McLachlan custom jewelry, recycled 7th on 6th gift bags, Versace couture with armpit merkins, crystal-studded "Take Back The Night" or Greenpeace tshirts or Prada Peasant looks.

This night marks the start of the 13th season of JACKIE 60 collaboration - a decade of weeklies through 1999, and the fluid new form JACKIE 60 FURTHER since.
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One thing we like about this venue is that our under-21s can come to the party - they will NOT be served at the bar without first-rate ID. So that lets them come and they don't even try to drink. DO need proof of over 18 to get in though - no exceptions.

Everyone loves the chilluns, so it all works out. See you Saturday! smile
I haven't been posting because I've been out every night promoting (shamlessly) at the shows. And Donatellith Fair is OUT OF CONTROL!!! At first I was afraid that people wouldn't get the "Wimmen of Fashion" joke...
Donatella Versace taking over Lilith Fair and calling it Donatellith Fair etc.
But most people really get it. ESPECIALLY the fashion queens! Everybody is talking about it.
Last Night @ Marc Jacobs these people came up to me and said "We do Donatella's PR. She really got a kick out of the invite and asked if we could send her some." I gave them a pile. I was also stopped by W, Women's Wear and In Style for invites. They were all howling. Not since Jackie 60 did "Jackie's Wear Daily" have I seen such a fashion buzz. Who cares what's on the runway sweetie, it's all about Donatellith.
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Thanks to those who wrote to remind us about reduced ($5) printout for Donatellith Fair Saturday night. It is now up on the website linked off the donatellith page at

Pass is good till midnight and for 2 people..

In other news, the divine Heidi (bluegrrl on the boards) will be a Pooped Out Party Girl for the night with her longtime partner in crime Jessica Rabbit Domination.

And of course, as Miss Kelly Webb just reminded me - it IS the Autumnal Equinox!!!!
Okay, already, we're exhausted! Remembered last night why we rarely do Jackie events during Fashion Week - by the second or third day everyone we know even remotely connected to "the business" is so overworked and haggifried that they turn up at 11 and go to sleep by 1..

That said, it felt like an achievement to actually DO something during this crazed week despite the above, see three amazing shows and some of the best Pooped Out Party Girl go-go ever (Thank you Lisa, Derrick, Karen, Rabbit and Heidi!) And special homage must be paid to our own TonyaKnudsen for her four Flux-Ready "Shwag Bags" complete with Jackie Further Magazine and matching lipgloss (honest) and her Donatellith Fair Press credentials. Above and BEYOND!!!

Speaking of beyond, the fact that Patrick McMullan showed up at 2:30 A.M. with his next show looming at 9 A.M. and stayed to snap the entire late go-go/runway set was nothing short of miraculous. This was the stuff that earned him the first Jackie award for Lifetime Achievement a decade ago (The Francine 59 Award..)

If we were still giving this award, here's a daunting candidate - last night's stunning late-night appearance by Dirty Martini, who had already performed at Kelly Webb's garden party (which I heard was mega,) Dirty's usual show at Va Va Voom Room, a late show at The C**k, and then a visit to D-Fair, still lustrous at 4 A.M.

Twas wonderful to see true Fashion paver Gene Krell in from Tokyo, and original Jacksters Katrina Del Mar and Opal (Paul Alexander) and ALL the late-night runway action on and off stage..

Thanks to everyone who came out, and to everyone who didn't - We understand TOTALLY.... but you were missed !

Where was Messy Bonny Raitt? I guess I was the substitute. I believe I got a bit messy as the evening wore on- fashion week realness in my helmet hairdo and Prada dress, splashing cosmo into my purse, and slurring my words (and dispensing health information?). This was not intended as part of my ensemble though... Oohhh, though I do remember having a good time until the drinkage caught up with me.

Loved Lisa's performance and her ensemble- I didn't even recognize her, and I introduced myself to her, and gagged when I heard the voice. Donatella met Sarah and birthed Lisa- gorgeous! The outfits for the go-go were genious as well...whoever did them!
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Tonya, the more I look at the Further Shwag Bag you gave me the more impressed I am. Especially the Further nail varnish! It is definitely going into the archives.
I also didn't recognize Lisa Jackson at first, Randella, so it wasn't just the beverages. And what a great job she did on that Sara song.
And Derrick-In-A-Dress as Naomi had me howling.
BTW those Pooped Out Party Girls' dresses were made by none other than Heidi Domination.
I knew it was going to be an interesting evening, when a hideous burly gentleman sporting a beard and a Donatella wig grabbed me by the arm and screamed, "Come into the bathroom and do a line of coke with me... bitch!" And that was five minutes after the doors opened.
What a fun night! The shows were amazing (I knew they would be). And Tonya's now infamous "Shwaag Bags" are over the top. Debbie Harry (and her Fishsticks) looked more beautiful than ever. They stayed pretty late considering they had to be up early to tape the new ** ***.

***** *******:
***** ******* ***** "***".
****** is *** *** ******!
The Fishsticks (Glamnerd & Jackie Bigalow) are *** ******** ***** to **** ***** a *** ********.


And now on to "Messy Nurse Randella"...

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Well, I have no problem saying we got a scene with Jennifer Saunders in the new AbFab ,(made just for the Fishsticks) but I just dont want to give away any of the other parts , like Deb's . She'll have to tell you herself. But trust, it looks like it might be one of the best episodes ever.

Even if Garrett and I end up on the cutting room floor , it was still one of the greatest days, no, weekends of my life. I have some jpgs I'll post in the DH and the Fishsticks topic.....soon.....

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