Hello beloved motherboarders,

Edwige (chanteuse, muse, legend, french) is scanning as we speak, putting photos online on her new blog:


Go tell her hello.
(I set the blog up but I am not a great expert--suggestions?)
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Hello Lisa & Edwige,
Gorgey and we love to see the history!

Would be lovely to see recent pics too because that woman only gets more beautiful as she gets older- just like me!

One suggestion: white type on a black background is never that easy to read, if the type could be a bit larger or bolder, as in the M'Boards here...

Thanks from the aging child
Ah the beauty of the young lass when she was but a wee one. I have pictures of her too from that period and I promise to post them both here and on Edwige's blog asap.
It's so great to reach out digitally and feel everyone's...er...digits reaching back. Legendary digits, on top of it.

There are some really recent pictures at:
I put a link in the sidebar of 'discorough' but Ed hasn't added her commentary yet. Anyway, it's a fashion-y shoot--but in Ed's male aspect.

And T, I too am having trouble reading the fine print. I'm going to try to figure out how to make the type bigger. If Ed is going to go to the trouble of searching her memory we might as well be able to read it. (P.S. It's so good to hear from you!!)

And Bobby, I saw you from afar in p'town a few weeks ago...you were biking like the wind. xx

thanks for the encouragement--
Nice to see you guys here too!
Approx. where are you all'ins located now? I have abandoned NYC to its errors...

As per your typestyle: place your font specifics in the css file... I am sure you know.

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