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(Fab Faerie Artiste) Granite and Garrett (aka Jackie Bigalow) have given us the gift of a one-of-a-kind limited edition hand made book this holiday season.
I got mines last night at Rapture Cafe.
It's gorgeous.

Granite did the visuals and Garrett did the words.

You know what they ssay...
A haiku a day keeps the evil demons away!
Original Post
Happy Spring!!!
The little book is gorgey, poems lovely and images exquisite indeed! I believe they are making another one too.

As per a 'haiku a day' and what demons they may dispell -- when I was working at Penthouse mag my editor Gerard Van D (Chi knows of which freak I speak) told me to write the captions for the photo-spreads in haiku-form.
Thus were they fashioned to inspire demons, it seems.

My favorite of Garretts haikus is about still being beautiful, even if you live in a barn...
wisdom for us NYC ex-pats.


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