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I love Japanese femme rockers. They whine, growl, scream, screech and sing through their albums so charmingly. The Japanese language has a distinctive way of treating gender in lyrics so it's interesting listening to them, even in broken English.

Some of my favorites are Shena Ringo (she's been compared to Bjork, Lauper and Stefani), Cocco, Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her, Youjeen, Shonen Knife, Bugy Craxone and Lisa Go.

Just my two cents.
Oh hell yeah. And there's so many!

Puffy Ami Yumi, tho not exactly 'rockers' at first glance, are soooo excellent, delicious and fine. In that totally disposable, stuck in your head bubblegummy kind of way. I think they have their own action figures.

Ex-Girl is a delight, and a puzzle. Not just to figure out what the hell the songs are about, (accept your own answer), but what the hell the band is about. Actually, anything Hoppy Kamiyumi-related can offfer the same tease

Japanese boy bands are lovely too. Guitar Wolf. Thee Michelle Elephant Gun. Melt Banana. The Ruins. Mmm mmmmmmmm.

Aw,geez. Let's just start a new topic...

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