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I love Fischerspooner...
It's my favorite band...
The mixture of Psychidellic Projections, Performance Art, Poetry that reflects our times, Couture that makes you drool... and Music that makes my body freak out in ecstacy....I feel they are a Masterpiece.
I was Lucky enough to be offered a spot to perform at thier Artist Salon, last fall...and to befriend, (and possibly Bedazzle) Casey.
I have a deeper Drive to Make a stronger foundation in the art world, because of them, And perhaps put my own KABOOM on under-over-all around pop culture, in the NEAR future.

Here's a few pics of Casey Monster and I/us:

My husband Muffinhead (, Casey and I last wednesday after the Hollywood show.

First time I went to the Artist Salon @ Deitch in WIllyburg.

Casey, Cookie and I...all doing Cookie-face.

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this was in my box this morning...




Better yet...wanna be a cult hero?
Better yet even still.....wanna redefine the relationship between art and entertainment?

Join the tribe of FISCHERSPOONER!!!!!!!!

Fischerspooner is holding an open call for dancers for their new show in collaboration with Manumission in Ibiza.

The new show will run every Monday from July 4 thru Sept. 19th this summer.

We are looking for talented, committed, fearless dancers. We need 6 fierce girls (maybe 2 boys) to bust a move in more ways than one.

If you can are selected and can get your ass to Ibiza FOR THE SUMMER STARTING JUNE 20TH you will:

a. get to wear cool costumes made by the best couture designers.
b. have tons of fun.
c. learn great choreography from Vanessa Walter and Paul J. Medford.
d. be tan.
e. possibly be a part of the FS experience in the year to come supporting their new album Odyssey.
f. live the fantasy.
g. hang with the boys in the band.
h. have great stories to tell your kids when you are old and uncool.
i. come to the FS compound and frolic in the pool with other exciting and international types like yourself from around the globe.
j. eat paella.

The casting will be held this week at director Paul Medford's studio in NYC OR ON JUNE 17TH IN IBIZA.

Please correspond if you are interested to or call
Paul on (917) 573-3537
+34 971 311950
Well, Jeremy Scott did caseys Kimonos (drool drool drool) this tour and the 2 dancers were in a really simple grecian-goddess get-up.
I think this low key change might have something to do with how much $$ is being put into the group.
BUT I may be very wrong...
I actually dont have that insider info...perhaps it was too much to travel with and too exhausting...I have no clue...
But I MUST missed, rather WE missed you at the Deitch Art Parade Last Saturday...
It was radical.
I breezed through the parade. Carrying a large sign spoofing the Deitch logo. The sign copied the neo-neo-neo-neo-pop graphic but instead of the gallery name it said, "Douche". Hanging from the sign was a petite shopping bag (that's right, a little semiotics goes a long way in the arche art world) with a big fat dollar sign on it. I wore a sharkskin suit with plenty of fake hundred dollar bills hanging off the pockets, and was topped off with a screaming white baseball cap with the Hilton Fontainbleau Miami Beach logo prominent. Absolutely nobody seemed to get it which shows you how oblivious so much of the neuveau-retrohipster crowd from Brooklyn that groupies the gallery can be. But finally a few veteran Soho types started laughing wildly, just before I exited.


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