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The Beverly Hills wedding last week of Mother Flawless Sabrina & Math-You is being hailed as the social event of the season. The lavish reception at Greystone Mansion was a who's who of Hollywood royalty & high society.
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger gave away the most beautiful bride of the century (Sabrina). Courtney Love was matron of honor & Rosie O'Donnel was best man.
The Beverly Hills Courier is calling it the most spectacular event of the decade. Sabrina is the greatest star of them all!
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The Mother Flawless Sabrina is in deed a great STAR, so great in fact that she hardly needs some lame attempt to make her seem even greater than she is with a bunch of made up hooey about Hollywood and the governor and Courtney Love ( the loser) and an even bigger loser Rosie O'Donnell added into the made-up mix.

Long live Mother Flawless Sabrina.
You see, Sabrina's life needs no embellishment. Truly a living legend, with a remarkably rich history and major contributor to drag, queer visibility, children and politics. Why cheapen a glorious legacy with drivel that actually pales in comparison to her real life? Mother Flawless Sabrina is not in need of amateur sensationalism, having led a truly sensational life with much more to come. Yes it gets people talking, but not about her. It puts the emphasis on the person who is taking the time and energy to write this stuff. Is that your goal? Please don't use Sabrina's legend to garner attention for yourself.
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Thank you Sweetie.
I've been holding my tongue because this is all such nonsense and not really worth responding to but as usual your voice is as clear as a bell.
Mother Flawless Sabrina IS legendary and has had (and is having) an incredible life.
I really don't know what all this is about but I hate to see all this stupidity bring her down.
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