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The film starring The Blacklips Performance Cult is finished. (

Recently completed was the visual aspect of "JACK THE RIPPER" a feature film. It has been given to a sound designer. Sept 5th it will be done and suitable for veiwing. If all goes well it will be premeir at MicroCineFest on Halloween.

In 1993 when the Cult of Blacklips was at its zenith Lost Forever penned the play "Jack the Ripper". It was performed Feb 15th. Shortly after two scenes were shot at Sissys house starring Antony, Lily of the Valley, and Kabuki Starshine. Later this project was shelved along with the partially shot "Blacklips Frankenstein". After the mass suicide in 1995 it was difficult to get people motivated. Not till 1999 was it possible to get back to work.

The entire play was shot along with an additional scene featuring Clark Render, Herr Klunch and Peggy Couch. All the original actors are in it: Lost Forever, Kitty Boots, Poison Eve, James F. Murphy, Johanna Constantine, Sissy Fitt, Hattie Hathaway, Lulu, Whitey and Twinkle. I play Jack. The only cult member not featured is Ebony Jett, who is sadly missed.

Filmed on location at MOTHER and in New Jersey, Vermont, and Pittsburgh. Three of the crucial scenes were shot at MOTHER on 14th street. Its great to see Kitty and others in the bar, flouncing around like old days.

Scott Ewalt says "Unlike any other Jack the Ripper film"

David of Hartford remarked "Don't go high"

Stacey say "Awful"

I can't wait for everyone to see it. Everyone in it is so great. Everyone worked very hard. Besides the new scene there is an incredible soundtrack by ex-stiffs inc. keyboardist Brian Damage. There are 13 new songs. And one you might recognize by the band Beef Curtain, formerly known as "Coke".

By Sept 1st there should be more info and a trailer or 2 on
or a link at

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Can't wait to see it on the big screen! Kitty Boots' narration of the trailer is brilliant -the role she was born to play! Not since she sang "Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow wow" has the English language been mutilated so nicely.
-Ben Brown, The White Plains Whipper Snapper

Move over Harry Potter! One thumb up!
-Jizz Bucket, The Provincetown Banner

Looks great! The only thing missing is Vin Deisel.
-O. Mary, The Blade

Flloyd is the Sam Peckinpah of vomit!
-Johnny Dynell, Project X Magazine

Didn't see it. Took too long to download. Had to pee.
-Messy Bonnie Raitt, The Motherboards

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Tremendous bravos and bravas to Flloyd and compatriots for this important addition to the Jack The Ripper oeuvre, displaying a true understanding of Jack so missing from other efforts.

SO MANY great performances, and so many by dear friends, but here's a few that stood out for moi-

No small parts for these ENORMOUS actors:
Herr Klunch and Clark Render, in the same scene.

Absolute Blacklips: Johanna Constantine, Lost Forever, Sissy Fitt

Scenestealers: Kitty Boots and Hattie Hathaway (as usual.)

Luminous beauty a la Candy Darling, throughout:
Kabuki Starshine

Best silent-film moment: James F. Murphy, inexplicably in 1950's drag but working it like a Murnau heroine.

Best life-art moment: The Death tarot card.

Also must mention - Brian Damage's so-right soundtrack, and Stan Brakhage-by-way-of-Kenneth Anger opening camera work - breathtaking!

Totally worth the wait.
Vomit, blood & guts, necrophilia, death, and was all there.

Congratulations Flloyd and Blacklips for completion of a work well done...though I did have to cover my eyes during the fork scene- a bit raw for this nurse. So lovely though to see such performances preserved on celluloid, and such a conglomeration of characters from the past...and seeing it took me back to the days of Blacklips and Jackie.

Perhaps this is posted somewhere on the boards that I've missed ... Plans for video distribution? Just curious ...

Chi Chi's enthusiasm over your work when I saw her last night -- infected me with eagerness to see this work. I haven't seen a good film in quite a while and am looking forward to this. Had this whole 'From Hell' fascination earlier this year after being dragged all over London to find the spots mentioned in the graphic novel (way to pass the extra week we had to wait to get back into the country after 9/11), then reading the novel and then boom the movie. But I think for some reason -- viewing this version will be the icing on the cake and the difinitive chapter!
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I haven't seen my wife so excited about a movie since "Gone With The Wind"! (Of course anything "Ripper" is sacred to her as everyone knows). I can't wait to see it. (I wa$ working an early party and mi$$ed the $creening)

I was out later promoting the Anne Rice Ball and EVERYONE is talking about it. (whether they'd seen it or not). Whatever the "fork scene" is it must be mega! Go Flloyd! (or Floyde)
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