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I was channel surfin the other night...came accross on Ovation or Trio (?) a fab documentary about Freddie Mercury (Queen)... a real talent who was persecuted in the British press near the end as he was dying of AIDS..He was SO ahead of his time... always challenging..left a great contribution in music - and camp theatrics!
But thought his name should be up there on our Devoted site here!!
I only met him once but would have loved to have known him back in the wild party days ...he seemed like a hoot! Anyone have any tales???
Re-visit some Queen classic albums..some great tracks..... pip pip over and out...
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Daddy ... there was NO SON!
He did leave all of his publishing rights to his ex-girlfriend (yup a real woman)which was really sweet of him...this chick just lives off royalties now...wonder if any of the gay men i have slept with might do the same (huge gufffaw!)\
But Daddy it was probably Freddie Prince not Mercury... oh you daft fop you!
I'm sure it was Freddie Mercury. Maybe he was the son of this woman who Freddie left everything to. Not Freddie's son but hers.
Or maybe he was a very VERY young boyfriend of Freddie's. I'll ask me wife. She'll remember.

and speaking of sons...
I'm a bit reluctant to bring this up because I know it will explode but Anna, do you remember John Holme's son @ JACKIE? Jonah Falcon. That kid with the 20 inch dick. I know that's a can of worm.
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Anna Nicole/ he isn't worth the trouble. Trust!
Daddy isn't 20 inchs, its about 13..and looks like a small elephant trunk.

He was only at Jackie three times and all he did was walk around with that big thing in his white dingy spandex pants showing it off to everyone who was interrested. he made all kinds of claims. Like he was J.Holmes son, that Leonardo DiCaprio had sucked him off at another club, that he was going to be a huge porn star.
I saw him recently ( in the same tight white spandex shorts) walking down the street adjusting it every ten feet to make sure it looked good. He has gained about 80 pounds and is giving us Ron Jeremy realness.

Daddy you should be punished for even reminding us of that horrid thing.

Ask Ms. Arias about it. She found him first.
It was 13 inches around!
That thing had to be two feet long Bobby!
He told me the Leonardo DiCaprio story too but that's not where he said he put it.
I remember the first time I met him...
At YOUR house Bobby! You were so funny. You just said, "Daddy, take a look at this!" and pulled it out. I almost fell over.
He used to come to JACKIE almost every week you know. He wouldn't stay long though. He was usually gone by midnight. He would just hang out and ask me if there were any celebrities that he should show his dick to. I think he's a big star now.
But Anna, he is so not your type. You would never have noticed him. This is Johnah totally soft and small.

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Okay, I finally asked Johnny about this while we were at lunch. One summer in Provincetown around 1990 we kept running into this young lad of about 17-18 who was keeping company with The Legendary Christine, worldclass faghag, and seahag, who worked selling dildos at Shop Therapy(!)

They were bingeing and stumbling all over town together that summer, and I remember it was the talk of the entire town that this was Freddie's son, or "son" - not sure which..Christine kept bringing up either that his father had died of AIDS, or was dying of AIDS, cant recall which one.

The boy also had some kind of arachnid nickname, like "spider ____" or "____ ant". Oh, the brain cells are straining on this one!

Anyone in Ptown remember this?

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