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This compelling video series follows artists and creators from a diverse
panorama of modern life as they move from inspiration to expression.

Some of today's most forward-thinking artists and creators reveal what moves their creative process in the video series FRIENDS WE LOVE. Conceived, produced and directed by
Mike Vargas and Moni Pineda, these insightful ten-minute portraits ultimately pay tribute to the presence of greatness in the working lives of those we love and hold dear. After six months of producing 12 self-funded episodes, Friends We Love has been seen in 67 countries and had over 200,000 views, has had numerous screenings and was voted to air on Current TV to 51 million households worldwide.

Friends We Love takes viewers on a journey through a myriad of trades and disciplines, each narrated by a distinctive personality. The series includes a wide array of subjects ranging from TV producers and painters, musicians and stylists, to choreographers and entrepreneurs - all sharing their passion with unique and compelling stories. While one profile features a chef showcasing a signature dish, another includes a pop singer describing a career-defining moment.

The evolution of Friends We Love was inspired by the duo's desire for programming that reflected their interests and those of the artisan community. The series grants viewers intimate access while highlighting both the personal and professional lives of its subjects from artists' living rooms, studios, offices, stages, labs, kitchens and the streets --- wherever the creative magic happens.

"The determining factor that sets Friends We Love apart from other series of this nature, is our personal relationships within the community and the access this affords us," said Mike Vargas, producer and co-creator of Friends We Love. "Each captivating profile will leave our audience entertained, informed but most importantly, inspired."

"We have so many talented friends who are making a mark in their respective fields that once the seed was planted, our series quickly blossomed organically. While many of these friends are established, others are on the rise to becoming household names," says Moni Pineda, producer and co-creator of Friends We Love. "The thread that ties them is the creative process, which is what interests us. We love hearing how their ideas evolve from concept to concrete forms of expression."

Friends We Love is a self-funded project.



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