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stretching the lines of credibility quite a bit, I'd say. Of course anyone with even half-operational Gaydar knew he was a big queen the second he pranced across the stage singing "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" with that bouncing feathered hair and shit-eating grin. But to the general public he was never upfront about anything until years later when he was outed during his infamous bathroom jackoff arrest. Also whenever I've seen him in videos he comes across as pompous and extremely full of himself.

That aside, I do think he's very talented. He wrote and produced all or most of his work. Additionally he does have a great stage presence, voice and lots of good songs. The Faith album is a classic top 40/pop staple.

I heard a rumor that the girl in his "Father Figure" video was really a pre-op tranny. Anyone have the T on that?
Who knew?
Not me, that's for sure.
Back in the '80s Boy George always insisted G.M. was a queen. They had this fierce rivalry back then and hated each other. One time (when I was a pop star) I opened for him at the Beacon Theater. I went up to his dressing room to spy. I came away with nothing. He was with his girlfriend. I told (Boy) George, "Hon, you think everyone is gay. He's straight". But he was undaunted in his investigation. "I know scores of guys he's slept with in London" he would say. Well, I guess he was right and I was wrong. Sorry Joel but he really wasn't that upfront.

Anyway, He's a really nice guy and...
what a talent! Now that's a real pop star. (He didn't have to write the words to his songs all over his arms because he couldn't remember them like me).
Thank God I'm not doing that any more. I wonder what ever happened to Betty Boo?
Classic Boy George quote, when asked what he was buying his friends one christmas.... his response - "I'm buying George Michael a bigger closet!"

Maybe HE did have girlfriends too.... who knows... you know me i have this issue about bisexuality... its very very cool for chicks to be bisexual but for a man to be... well folks always say "Oh he must be gay!" - pisses me off But as for G.M. he was never open about any of it..
I can't add anymore about G.M.'s closet that hasn't been said above, but I can add that Dusty Springfield used to write the lyrics to her songs and her hands and arm and that is how she developed her dramatic gesticulations during her performances (beside dragoon influences as well)...and she was so near-sighted that she had to have the lyric right up close to see what it said.
I always had a feeling GM was queer, I mean I actually owned Wham! and the Faith cassette (those were the days of sexual confusion I faced. Now I love his music. Wheter it's dancy stuff or slit-your-wrists slow stuff like Praying for Time. Loved I Want Your Sex. He's hot in a quasi-cheesy lounge singer way (or maybe that's why he's so cool). And his last album? Freeek was HOTT, and Flawless lived up to its title. And Shoot the Dog was a songthat said that Bush and and Blair were fucking and in love and all that. (this was before PSB's I'm with Stupid, another good song)

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