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one would enter through the long skinny bar all lined up with the beautiful girls and their long legs checking out the new action coming in the door. So exciting! Never were the ladies at a t-bar so alluring. Then to the disco back room and then turn the corner to the main trapeze disco.
it was the site of the original, and new wave remake of the Peppermint Lounge. There was always something ready willing and able to happen.
All these great places that you remember!
G.G. Barnum's was one of the hottest clubs I ever went to. EVER! I used to go there in the afternoon and the "girls" would grab me and say, "Oh Miss Peter, Can we keep him? Can we keep him?" Miss Peter was the show Emcee. So fierce. She would just say, "No. throw it back. Too small." I have a pic of Chi Chi on the famous G.G. trapeez taken by Edo. It's so hot. I have to scan it.
was but a lil' sprite back then, but before GG's there was a very spooky place called "little peter's" (!?!) on 3rd Av where McD's is now. I'll never forget the dragsters puking on their glitter platforms around the corner on dimly lit St Marks.
Alas, I never made it inside.

Is Chi Chi a trapeze artist?

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