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Hi animal lovers

I am thrilled to be hosting this incredible evening and hope you might want to join us.

7 PM - 1 AM
Tickets $50 in advance, $75 at door if available

GIMME SHELTER is the second annual rock concert supporting RATIONAL ANIMAL's goal of ending euthanasia in NYC shelters by 2010, and celebrating the thousands of animal rescue volunteers who advocate locally for at-risk animals. Proud mother to three rescue dogs, MOTHERNYC's own CHI CHI VALENTI is Mistress of Ceremonies for this star-studded, rock-centric event, with performances by DEBBIE HARRY and MISS GUY, BEASTIE BOYS, NELLIE McKAY, DUELLING BANKHEADS, members of BLUE OYSTER CULT, TISH & SNOOKY, THE CHOKE, MARSHALL CRENSHAW and many more.

There will also be appearances by the she-roes of ANIMAL PRECINCT, HANDSOME DICK MANITOBA, adult star JASMIN ST. CLAIR and DJs including KARMEN GUY and TONY BUZZCOCK. The RAMONES own ARTURO VEGA designed the T-shirts, and MANIC PANIC is a major sponsor of this event. Please come out for this great cause and all-star lineup.

Tickets are on sale now at
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LOTS more, Chi Chi...

Miss Webb and I were up front and center about only one person deep. The Sick Fucks w/ Tish & Snooky were fabulous; just don't get shows like that - where "punk rock" sounds refreshing and charged and purposeful. Joe Hurley & the Gents were also phenomenal...Oddly, the much of the crowd on the floor where we stood were somewhat blank and unmoved - until the Beastie Boys came out and woke them up. The crush of the crowd behind me reminded me of the excitement of smaller rock shows where the kids had to get as close to their heroes as they could, resulting in my literally holding back what felt like was 1000's of people behind me as I played bodyguard to the gorgeous Miss Webb. The Boys just tapped into these kids...Debbie and Miss Guy were our gorgeous "Charm Alarm" and then Webbie and I had to hit the road...All in all, a fun, wonderful event at which Chi Chi ruled over the hordes of entertainers, techs, crew - looking flawless to boot!
What a fun night.
(I was lookin' for you Mr. Joe, I heard you were there).

Debbie & Guy turned it out. That's a hot song!

The Beastie Boys were fun too.
I haven't seen them in years.
(Since they were like 15 or 16 in my booth at Danceteria).
They were cute kids.
The fact that they have grey hair now freaks me the **** out!!!!
There is NO NEED for grey hair!
That's what Lady Clairol is for!

Clark & Davey (as in Duelling Bankheads) Hattie and I totally lost it when Blue Oyster Cult did "Don't Fear The Reaper".
When that giant blow-up reaper came out...
Clark almost wet his pants!
And when The Empress walked through it...
Clark DID wet his pants!
What a moment.

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