I just bought the new Goldfrapp album and would highly recommend it to you all. Kind of sweet electro would be my discription. Love the track "Twist", all about the singers relationship with a carnie.."put your dirty angel face, between my legs and knicker lace", lovely.
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ooh, i am so glad to hear i can get that video! sexxxy ponygirls (or rather, reindeergirls), even without hoof boots. Smile
So.... am told that Goldfrapp are playing a gig on Thurs 31st.... anyone else know about this... Daddy... have you check their stuff out (you're probably been playing it for years).
i went to see them last night.
during the opening number she played a theramin with her pussy. and it just kept getting better.
her voice sounds almost unreal.
FIERCE backup dancers in masks.
hot crowd. great show.
Hi gobs, I was there last night, too. Sorry I missed ya! The show was stellar. Was my first. Must say though that she needs some pointers on how to act on stage. Her body language was distractingly wooden, and for the first 3/4 of the show, one hand remained on the mic stand at all times. That said, she is gorgeous and her voice is stunning. The dancers were just ok, IMO. Though I did love the mirrored horse heads and the way they danced their tails around. The band, too, could use a more cohesive look (again, in my opinion). Too disparate. A Jesus, a Cybergoth, a Cameltoe, and a wifebeater-wearer do not a pretty band make.
i know what you mean.
i thought the bassist mopped paddy boom's look.
plus, i just don't think that the band has a real sense of style. (but i did kinda live for jesus.) the dancers kept it simple and tight. and i loved the fact that they were masked all the time. and i loved her flight suit.
and what about her hair?! just enough fan to make it GORGEOUS.
my first show, too. i think they'll be back in march.
I think they are great.
I love (and play) the re-mixes.
I also think it fantastic that a Jewish band can make it so big.
Go figure.
I also love (according to the "too good for the Motherboards now" DJ Sammy Jo) that in England they called Madonna "Old Frapp" when she tried to mop their sound.
Alison Goldfrapp is a goddess. Goldfrapp, the band. has sounds for everyone, from mellow chill-out vibes to gritty glammy clubby electro stompers. And the remixes that I've heard are absolutely fabulous, like Edina and Patsy themselves. I had also heard Madonna refered to as "Oldfrapp" but Madonna has been doing this shit for years. And She's been looking good her whole life!
Reading my last statement I might have p.o'ed some of you. By the way have you picked up We Are Glitter yet. I got it a couple months ago It's comp. pf remixes and some of them are really good.
think about his though, much of pop culture and DJ culture os create recycled, reused, remixed, remodeled, and revived on a constant basis, there for, how care if Madonna nd Donna Summer and Marilyn Monroe, and Brigttie Bardot and Kratfwerk and Giorgio Moroder , et al, ad infinitum ad nauseam, did it first--Alison Goldfrapp is fabulous!
Seriously though, Goldfrapp is fab. Have the Ride A White Horse EP and am loving the single version which is a bit differnet from the album version plus the remixes are great. Love Francios K's mixes, love the Disco Whores Dub...only the words "disco" and "horse" and it does sound like "disco whores" when you put the two words together. Love Ewan Pearson's mix too. Parts 1 & 2 16 minutes in heaven!

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