For those of you not hip to one of the hippest little magazines in all the land, May I suggest you check out Goodie magazine. Published by the smart and clever Foxy Kidd and edited by the cool and beautiful Romy Ashby. A brilliant and delightful little black & white delight with a featured person each issue. Some of the past issues have brought us deep insightful interviews with the likes of Ira Cohen, Edgar
Oliver, Debbie Harry, Penny Arcade, Gregory Corso, Baby Dee, Armen Ra, Terence Sellers and
many, many more. Past issues can be found at their website below. The current issue with Pete
Eggers is the inspirational story of her 100 years on the planet and how she sees the world today. She tells great stories and writes poetry and her perspectives on the current state of our world is humbling. Check it out at:
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Pete Eggers, as Bobby said, lived to be more than 100; she passed away in late April... shortly after her Goodie was published. It is well worth the read to get to know this amazing woman, and I heartily recommend that you pick up a copy. has a cute pict of me and Pilar. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, because Pilar is so warm and fuzzy. I loved when Pilar and ChiChi (the doggie) would run around the club like they owned it. Smile
I hear on the street that the new GOODIE is about our own Hattie Hathaway aka Hatches.

I hope that there is a nude centerfold!!!!
If anyone is feeling flush these days
or (like my wife) is doing an elfin dance on the graves of broken Wall Street investment bankers who have jumped out of their office windows and is praying for the return of OUR New York...

You can help by donating to this great magazine.

(Donate to GOODIE
The interview with Ms. Hathaway is a real page turner. And also filled with great photos from her childhood. I was thrilled to receive my very own copy in the mail just this morning.

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