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For months now, people coming back from Tokyo have told me - you should move there right now, there are all these generations of girls dressing like you. I FINALLY know what they are talking about, thanks to this article in the brilliant MORBID OUTLOOK zine.

The look is called EGL - short for Elegant Gothic Lolita. Genius!

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I bought "Fruits" the moment it came out! It's interesting how things manifest themselves differently in different places. The "Fruits" kids were definitely influenced by earlier NY "club kid" scenes. But rather than meeting in a dark club, they were getting dressed and hanging out in the streets! A great thing for the underage set! I don't even think that booze and drugs were part of it at all. It was all about freaky fashions and having their pictures taken. I bet the big thing was to show up in something fierce so you'd get your photo published.

I'm saying "was" because the particular scene documented in the book has supposedly died down. Still, I'm sure Tokyo's streets are still full of freaks of one kind or another. It's definitely the edgiest city for street fashion. It's been years since I've seen NYers THAT done up during the day!
I have been surprised that this GOSULOLI (="Gothic Lolita", but doesn't have much to do with goth music)trend is surviving long. It is part of COSPRE (=Costume Play)trend of OTAKU (people so much into "manga=Japanese cartoon or animation") that is growing bigger? I think.

Below is the link to Japan's growing business (next STARBUCKS?) It's cafe business where waitresses dress like maid and they are called "Angel". For extra charge, they even assist you to eat by bringing spoon (food) to your mouth!
cosu-cha (cha=tea)
Finaly, the "stress society" that has 34,000 annual suicide rate found a relief? Confused
BTW, Seven, why you're ahead of me so often Razz
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