WOW. So the new Grace Jones video is out!

Corporate Cannibal Video

She has a new album due out in October called "Hurricane."

She worked with:

Sly and Robbie, Brian Eno, Wally Badarou, Tricky, Uzziah 'Sticky' Thompson, Mikey 'Mao' Chung, Barry Reynolds, John Justin, Martin Slattery, Philip Sheppard, Paulo Goude, Robert Logan, Don-E and Tony Allen, with recording engineering duties by Cameron 'Engine' Craig.

We CAN'T wait!
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I LOVE the Corporate Animal video.

As far as being 12 and getting molested by Grace...
That's scary.
from what i hear, she's on time for this tour.
she's playing festivals and major venues and
from what i know of those (union $$) you don't run late.

but i'll tell you what happens after
i see her next friday with jake shears and
sammy jo at sonar music festival in barcelona.
Big Grin
She was SO "on" last night! The Costumes. Wow.
A few of them would have upstaged anyone but her.

And the crowd! It was a who's who of New York. Including The Divine Miss M...

She was of course not without a handful of Diva Moments to the tittering and sometimes applause of the audience. rose

so good.
SO happy Grace Jones is recording and performing and with friend Brian Eno producing. These extraordinary talents I was fortunate to meet when working as a young video Director in NYC clubs made it all worthwhile. Sincerely, Geoffrey Wickland-Creative Media Hollywood.
Even the early music of Grace Jones still sounds modern today. She has a sound that stands the test of time with edgey, exotic voice, electronics and international chic. Everyone is glad she is recording again. Sincerely, Geoffrey Wickland-Creative Media, Hollywood
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