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i saw a staged reading of this musical a couple days ago. it was pretty amazing...
the trick is that the nostalgic fucked up noel coward early bouvier-esque first act shows a 40's era doomed engagement party (little edie to joe kennedy)that mom innocently sabotages with her bohemian antics. you can just feel the future spiraling down as the vines spiral up round grey gardens.
the delapidated second act is more of a bizarre tone poem... little edie sings
a heartbreaking song 'around the world', (complete with sweater headwrap twist she dabs her eyes with) that is still haunting me. a brilliant coup de theatre is that the same actress (fabulous christine ebersole) plays the young big edie in the first act and the older little edie in the second
-she is completely genius.
Grey Gardens is coming to the Walter kerr Theatre on Broadway. When I heard that this awesome documentary was gonna be a musical I thought "How the Hell are they gonna make that film into musical?" I hope it runs for a while but knowing the volitile nature of Broadway it'll close in two months because it's too arty--whatever, right? Hell, I'd see it! Sounds like a fun evening to me! Any other dish on the Off-B'way version?
I definitely want to go see this!
Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of the film; Albert Maysles gave me an original marquee poster from the 1975 release when we did a party for the rerelease at Mother. And Bobby Miller gave me a wonderful portrait he shot of "Little" Edie. Both are among my most valued treasures.
Doug Wright, who wrote the book for this is an amazing writer; he also wrote the impressive "I Am My Own Wife" a few years back. A show which was like a shining jewel amidst the predictable pap on Broadway that season.
I'd definately see this show too. Big fan of the film. Also Rufus Wainwright wrote a song called "Grey Gardens"--it has a quote from Little Edie, the line about it being very hard to distingush between the past and the present. I't on his second album. DouG Wright is awesome, never saw I Am My Own Wife, but I have the script. One actor did all the roles! Awesome, demented, schizophrenic, fabulous!
Hapi I think that too, about Hattie doing Little Edie, Little Edie is a great inspiration to the trans folk and considering Hattie is a fan of GG it would not be out of place. When was there a drag performer last on B'way in recent memory since Bush took office, and I don't mean Hairspray, Harvey Fierstein or not (Harvey can't really sing, it's like nail on a chalk board listening to him. I want him to write another play)

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