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A Halloween Ball After ANNE RICE

Thursday, October 31 CBGB'S GALLERY (BOTH FLOORS) 313 Bowery (1-2nd Street)

$15/$10 with invite, web printout or ankh.
18 to enter/21 to drink - I.D. required
Doors 11 PM - 4 AM

The overdressed nocturnal artistes of JACKIE 60 and CLICK + DRAG haven't teamed up on Halloween since 1999 at their old clubhouse MOTHER. This year, when invited by CBGB's GALLERY to take on October 31st venue-wide, the tribes eagerly opted to reunite for THE WITCHING HOUR, a spectacular, pansexual tribute to the literature of ANNE RICE.

Of course this night celebrates Lestat, Louis and the other Vampyres who made Rice a household name, but it pays equal homage to her other characters and dynasties - The Mayfair Witches, the Taltos, The Talamasca, Memnoch the Devil, Pandora et al. In the spirit of the fabled "Coven Balls" held by Rice's New Orleans fan club through 2000, the producers invite all partygoers to dress as their favorite Rice literary creation, no matter how obscure.

The return of Click + Drag even for an evening is a treat - the seminal cyber-fetish night that so changed the look and sound of New York went on hiatus in Fall 2001 after their Chinatown location became a liability. Click will take over the upstairs gallery, where multimedia wizard ROB ROTH (visual instigator of the last two BLONDIE tours) will preview Rice-inspired video installations and the enchanted tableus will be dressed by co-producer and costume designer KITTY BOOTS. Click DJ SAMMY JO (currently resident at CHEEZ WHIZ and FEZ) spins the eclectic, electronic, old and new romantic soundtrack, and the evening's costume competition (for best ANNE RICE character realness) will take the Gallery stage at 12:30, with a $100 cash prize.

The downstairs lounge (current New York home of JACKIE 60 FURTHER and scene of their last Halloween event MONSTERS IN HEELS/ED WOOD) will feature the sexually tinged, pan-erotic side of Rice, hosted by JACKIE MCs CHI CHI VALENTI (Mistress of Ceremonies at most of the last five New Orleans ENDLESS NIGHT VAMPYRE'S BALLS) and HATTIE HATHAWAY. JACKIE 60 FURTHER DJ JOHNNY DYNELL will turn the tables in between performances coordinated by evening co-producer JOE BIRDSONG (QWE'REFEST, JOHN STREET, THE RAMBLES,) homoerotic go-go by the RICE QUEENS and gotherotic MAYFAIR WITCHES segments by the HOUSE OF DOMINATION (last seen onstage at the recent BARTENDER'S BALL.)

Leave The Scaries in the Streets, and join us for The Witching Hour...

Dress as Your Favorite Anne Rice character. A few suggestions:

Venetian splendor a la Marius, Texas Vampyre biker, Akasha The Queen of the Damned for femme queens, 18th-century New Orleans quadroon, Vampyre Lestat (all eras,) Petyr Von Abel realness for Butch Women, the winged statue from Memnoch, Pandora, God, thrall of Armand, warlock glamour a la Julian Mayfair, Victorian Doll effects, ball dress or period costume.
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The Anne Rice dress is SUGGESTED for this party and your friends are welcome in other costuming. Since you are a NOTS Gypsy I'm sure you know that our crowd really LIKES to dress and put together theme interpretations.

We don't usually send non-stevie party info to the NOTS list but maybe we will rethink that if the crossover is that strong. Ive never really thought of it before, but I do love both stevie and AR and so do many other Factory Folk, so it kind of makes sense.
If you've just gotten the custom fang urge and want a pair done for the party, I spoke to Fangsmith Father Vincent last night and he said he can definately get them done before Halloween.

That's The Transformatorium inside Halloween Adventure, 104 4th Ave. 260-5939

Please note if you are doing a specific Ricean Vamp, mention it as all fangs are not the same.
A month could not pass during Click's long run where I was able to resist donning some genius-construed theme-wear, and trail on down to Mother (from my little box on 20th & 8th) to stomp and soar.

Although quite shy (and not the greatest conversationalist), I always felt at home within Mother's walls and was perpetually drawn to the true devotion to art (whether on stage or in costume) of the patrons and performers that captured my heart during those years.

So little of all that technological magestry is accessable to those who didn't take pictures or actually attend the parties.

I am very pleased to see Roth n' Boot's Invite Gallery online, it stands not just as a testament to all the thought and talent that went into producing this special weekly event; but, serves as an inspiration to all young party promoters and producers that such an impressive body of artwork can be amassed and produced in the course of their careers to come.

Looking forward to Thursday!
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But this combination of Click + Jackie together is making me very nostalgic for last century's Saturday-night crowd as well, and glad that the chilluns and JCs and just-moved-to-New-Yorks will see what some of the denizens here are always going on about.

I just retrieved a rather important red velvet gown from the storage where it has slept like Lestat since it last appeared at Jackie 60's "Boys of Pere Lachaise." And I am SO looking forward to wearing it again!
Tomorrow is the day or night rather! Hope to see many of the faces behind the names here. I'm so anxious to see all the beautiful characters and fabulous outfits in all your glories, T & D kisses and hope to see you there. The Witching Hour approaches...i haven't been this excited about a party since...? hhmmm good question!

love me, you know you wanna!
...(Oh My!)
Marie Claudette was an oddly popular character last night! Perhaps, Anne will one day be re-inspired by the female and indulge us with a longer tale on this formidable eighteenth-century fashion plate and explorer. [I choose her for her love of music and dance; esp. how the orchestra would silence her intuit-tormenter, demon and lover – Lasher of course. Although, I too am set in the road of building a legacy (of Art, that is)!]

And it still amazes me the unbelievable costuming abilities of this crowd. I saw not Nurse Randella last night; but from the post above, I realize it was because I must not have recognized her in her costume!! Meanwhile people I know well asked me my name!

Great night! Ted and Di -- great beer and conversation -- and Di -- great outfit and waist! But above and beyond, Marla Belt's Claudette, Amazing!!! (Got the cam out while getting undressed, so here's a college of my hair and a picture of my "padded hip-shoulders," made from crinoline, duct tape and leather twine.)

Sammy Jo, Sammy Jo, Sammy Jo ... (now I know) and Brie, I realized when I got home, the night I met you in Boston (on that church kneeler) over ten years ago and last night (where we met again after all this time), the only two nights in my life I have sowed pearls into my hair, hmmm ... Coming to try tiki soon!

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What a great night it was for Halloween. I loved all the costumery and pagan spirit, which I certainly was feeling! I loved the upstairs/downstairs effect, as I like the mobility aspects of such geography (reminiscent of the MOTHER space) in a nightclub. And Click & Drag worked so well in that space.

The music was great both upstairs with Sammyjo and downstairs with Daddy, and I got lost in the music, with my cigarette & cocktail. Apparently, so did some straight boy with whom I dirty-danced, and he provided me with some grabby action when he discovered the ladystick; alas, after much bump & grind when I suggested a move to the bathroom, he declined, saying "wow, this is a bit fast for me." Oh ok...then later he was all up in some genetic girl on the dancefloor. Whatever...I found excitement elsewhere that evening.

Truly a fun party!
1) Di -WOW!!!!!!!!! Those shoes... that dress... people kept asking me about you all night. I tried to explain that you were not wearing a costume, that this was what you really looked like.

2) Rose -Amazing! I heard Garo Sparo made it. True? I also had to explain that you were not wearing a costume, that this was what you really looked like.

3) Tonya -Also amazing.

4) Marla -I didn't see her but everyone was talking about her and she did win the contest.

5) Flloyd -stunning.

Anyone else?
To everyone who came out so beautifully dressed, so participatory and encouraging, our deepest thanks. The two-level creation was exciting, if exhausting, but it was really worth the two-day hangover from which I am just emerging now.

It was also divine to meet all the new Motherboarders present - we'll have to do a more intimate gathering somewhere so we can meet again before long.

It also was heartening to see NYC once again in the throes of a HUGE Halloween - the biggest one I remember in several years.

For anyone who came down after 4 AM and was turned away, this was an unfortunate bit of business due to bad communication with the club, which was understandable considering that they were also doing several days of CMJ shows in both venues. Our apologies, for those of you who know us know that we always do what we say we are going to do! (I also think that the presence of an NYPD police van outside after hours was making everyone a bit nervous, though no one from the club could confirm that.)

Still got home with the sun coming up - always a sign of success.

love and thanks to everyone connected with this project - and of course the authoress herself!

"Still got home with the sun coming up - always a sign of success."

That's a great thing to hear! Helen considers it a good sign that we had to have the cab pull over so she could vomit...

Good to finally meet a few more motherboarders - Randella & Brianna (despite the fact that the latter wouldn't believe i'm not only straight but married, much to my wife's dismay) big grin

And of course our beautiful Rose was, as always, stunning and sweet.

Thanks for such a wonderful halloween!

Betty & Helen

p.s. thanks Kitty

'no, i just read it somewhere.'
- tom stoppard
It WAS the biggest Halloween in my years in NYC - thanks to everyone involved.

Click+Drag - Rob, Sammy Jo, Kitty, all the dancers - BRILLIANT!

Jackie Further Downstairs - JD, Hattie, Chi Chi, and again, our dancers, and Lui Antinous - STUNNING!

I spent much of the evening running up and down those stairs, back and forth back and forth - so I was lucky enough to meet many new faces along the way. I particularly enjoyed that not one (even my close friends) recognized me until I told them - I'm going to look more into mummification as a pastime.

Darla - as good as dead - worms, girl, worms!

Randella - NOW you know who died - you slay me

Colleen - a pleasure to meet you (you too, LAD)


Rose - words cannot describe how exquisite you are (thanks for introducing me to that CUTIE)
Havn't felt that old familiar vibe in ... almost 2 years. The combination of up and down was a key ingredient. Loved the crowd, mixed and pretty. Luminaries abounded. Motherboarders were everywhere!! lots and lots of new faces some old ones that havn't been seen in years. Dancing upstairs with Sammy Jo, Downstairs with Domination and Daddy's beats!! Chi Chi you were everywhere in a flash of crimson!! Hattie looking fabulous, Rose amazing Randella, Lad, Tonya, Darla!!! WOW

Thank you especially to Kitty for the Door as always you are our first and only line of defense to the outside mundane world!!

Got in as the sun came up. Can't we do this again next month!!


Wanted to post earlier but had the winter blahs, fluish, caught up the Trans Forum. Never got a chance to say how much I enjoyed spending Halloween with my favorite fellow freaks.

So many gorgy costumes/Rice interpretations, Sorry if I miss anyone -

First off I need to say our Empress has an uncanny eye for picking hats(wigs) that totally encapsulate the character(s) of a particular theme. She paints masterly with a huge brush, capturing her image with economy and maximum impact! I need to consult with her Highness before making such decisions. Can I?

Speaking of masterly strokes, Flloyd blew me away dressing as our recently departed and beloved colleague, trans-icon Page Reynolds. In lesser hands this could have been a disaster and in very very poor taste!! But Flloyd carried it off--his respect and love for Page wouln't allow for mishaps! Hutzpah combined with finesse and integrity=shocking image!! My award goes to you Flloyd and of course to Page!

Mr.Joe, darling and very very smart new promoter wrapped in a fabulon silver fabric --Wonderful get up ! Wonderful guy! With him around I feel secure that this wonderful creative downtown scene we have will survive the repressive governing climate in our city and our country.

Blasts from the past--the Click and Drag stars! Marla Belt hasn't lost a beat, always perfect--creating her own fashions with historical detail and strong make-up effects! Perfection!
So sorry I missed Falon, another Click icon but I feel safe in saying that he was beyond description!

Diversity is our strength! Betty and Helen, exemplify that. Betty dressed as her male counterpart made a handsome pair with her lovely wife. Yes, boys girls you can feel comfortable at Mother events and I just love that you have stopped clinging to the Versailles Room walls and are coming out of your shells sharing your wonderful selves on and off the Boards, contributing to the mix!

Another married couple Ted & Di, Mods on the Boards- he's another guy who expresses himself with attire--Diane always shines (usually of latex) on the outside and on the inside she shines even brighter!

Most women grow up learning hair and make-up as a matter of course, usually to fit in with the times. But there are those performers, artists and other such genetic gals who, not unlike drag queens paint with fancy, imagination and beauty that is very special and this party was not at a loss in this category!
Special kudos to Dirty Martini, Tonya, Kelly Webb and others I don't know who were amazing!!!
There was one brunette in particular who I don't know. She was wearing a natural colored hobble-dress and a chifforn shiff with rhinestone details-- ab fab--darling!!!

Randella's look was teriffic. Lovely in an empire waisted gown by Mr. Ken encrusted with spangles. Very ladylike!! I've heard it said ---"take the action and the behavior will follow!!"

Thanks, Garo Sparro for the fab gown! Judging by the reactions it was well worth all the work--this might be one for the Downtown Costume Instutite! It certainly hangs prominently in my little collection.

Daddy! & Sammy Jo!-unsurpassed spinning !!
Lui-delectable! new icon for the 2000's!!

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