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I'd see Equus anywhere in the world with any cast. Do you think Daniel Radcliffe has the actiong chops (not to mention the genitalia) to win over people in such an , ahem, adult role. The expression riding a pony does have son sexual connotations in this play. God knows people like Prince and Alison Goldfrapp have beat the subject of fucking a horse or riding a human being like a horse to death. What do you think Little Red Corvette and Ride A White Horse is all about. Then again Alison couldbe singing about heroin or cocaine for all I know!
OK, Who's seen the movie? (Order Of The Phoenix)
The only review I've heard is from John John Battles who said it was great.
(I know the critics say it's the weakest one)

It's my least favorite of all the books even though it's the longest. I'm sure it was the hardest film to do.
Even the last movie (Goblet Of Fire) glossed over so much of the book I can't believe anyone (who hadn't read the book) could even follow it.
I hear that "Phoenix" is even worse in that respect.
but who cares, just read the book!

And speaking of books the last one will be out soon!

I think...
That Snape will end up being a good guy in the end and that he was in cahoots with Dumbledor. That Dumbledor needed to die for some reason.
I mean, he died WAY too easy if you ask me.
Maybe it's like when "Gandalf The Grey" died and came back as "Gandalf The White".
And I don't think Harry will die.

(or am I the only geek)

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