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A HARRY POTTER HOMAGE For Easter weekend, UTOPIA PARKWAY welcomed visiting wizards and muggles alike for an enchanted evening of HARRY POTTER-inspired revelry. Characters from the Potter pantheon graced the Method go-go platforms, including the latest small stage nearby DJ JOHNNY DYNELL. All of the night's performers are fans of the J.K. Rowland books - including dragstress and Wigstock co-founder HATTIE HATHAWAY as Professor McGonagall, goth goddess St. EVE as Hermione Granger, LAYARD THOMPSON as Potter nemesis DRACO MALFOY, thesbian BRANDON OLSON as Professor Dumbledore, Vulgaras Diva AMO as Hogwarts Cheerleader and gender-shattering butch drag from NYX DER UBERWENSCH as Harry. The room was hung with the various banners of the Hogwarts "Houses", from Gryffindor to Slytherin.
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I've just been looking at the cast of "Harry Potter" and "Pirate Queens". It's a lot of the same people but they are completely different in each role. I guess that's what acting is all about... Duh.
I mean Gabriel (Absinthe Doination) as the "pirate wench" and then as "Hermoine Granger" is amazing.
Oh course Hathaway ALWAYS steals the show.

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