Hatches, about Sweeney, yes, I loved Patti as Lovett, you're totally right she was very different from Angela Lansbury, but I loved Lansbury's portrayal as well. I guess an interpretation of a role depends on the performer and the director. By the way Sondheim saw Christopher Bond's straight production (no music) in London and got involved with the show that way. Broadway will never be the same again. I also hear that Patti's doing Rose in Gypsy at the Ravinia Festival, I think that is in Chicago. I say it's about time she did Rose!
Heh-heh. I suppose the answer would be yes on both accounts, Miss Bonnie.
Anyway, Hatches . . . the score of the "Beggar's Opera" was kinda . . . well, cheesy. But on purpose, mind you because as you've already stated, it was indeed a parody. For example, the opening number begins with our beggar shmoozing the playwrite and producer, belowing, "I have written a play, a magnificent play. It's a lovely display of rot and decay!" Or something to that effect. Act II, if my memory serves me correctly, concluded with a whimsical (yet raucous) little round sung among Macheath, Polly, and Lucy. The music, much like the story itself, was supposed to be campy and humorous, naughty and crude, and anything but refined. I have a recording back home in Pittsburgh of our cast's rendition of the score . . . somewhere that is. If I can find it, you're more than welcome to it.
I will definately make it a point to hunt for that recording on my next trip home at the end of this month. If I succeed in my quest, I will be glad to make a copy for you. ^_^ You'll probably listen to it more than I ever have (can't bear the thought of hearing my own singing voice *cringes*). Nice to meet you, by the way. I'm Jason. ^_^
OK , I've tried to find a copy of the Donmar Warehouse recording of Threepenny Opera, but I can't find it in any store up here, and the only place I can get it it Amazon. Problem is, I don't have a credit card! I must ask for it as a holiday gift or go down to NYC to find it there! It's so annoying. I saw it at Borders a few months ago an I didn't get it and the next time I went, I intended to get it and they didn't have it....boo-radley-hoo.
There is going to be a musical called LoveMusik which tells the tale of Lotte Lenya (played by Donna Murphy) and Kurt Weill (Michael Cerveris) That will be on Broadway at the Biltmore Theatre (the former Broadway home of Hair). It features Weill's music and a book by Alfred Uhry (Driving Miss Daisy). Sounds cool, no?
That's a laugh, the probably didn't get it, and plus Brecht was a communist, and lord knows that America hates commies! I'd like to know why they thought it was so bad. was is because that 3penny is a musical that actully says somethings that are still relevent to our society even to today as it did in 1928? Also it's a show that makes you think unlike a certain overrated piece of shit that somehow manages to pack the Majestic theatre every night.

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