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I was wondering if anyone out there remembers a club called Heat, and if so, wouldn't mind sharing their memories of the place-- or just any details at all--such as where it was located in the city, the crowd it attracted, the look of the place. I'm assuming from the context in which it was mentioned that it was around in the late 70s or early 80s and perhaps shortlived. It was mentioned in the same sentence as Hurrah. In advance, thanks very much.
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Ah! Thank you so much! Smile You're totally right. Your lead + Internet yielded:

157 Hudson St.

"The building was expanded in 1898 to include the slim building with a mid-block façade at 157 Hudson St... which in recent decades has been home to a string of nightclubs-Heat, B Square, Area, Shelter, and Vinyl."

The building itself has an amazing history. It first housed the stables for the horses used by American Express when the company was in the business of delivering packages and telegraphs by stagecoach.
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I remember going to Heat once in the very early '80s to see the Heartbreakers. It was huge and cavernous and painted a flat black. And, the place was empty. Guess it was a bit past the Heartbreakers heyday. I remember it being very loud, a bit spooky. So big, dark and empty. It did become, Area, Quick, Shelter, etc. as Johnny mentioned.

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