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I was actually a bit sick today when I heard the news via text message. I too thought he was really part of the cream of the crop where young Hollywood was concerned. I have seen him around NYC and he seemed so incredibly simple in a great way. Shopping with his kid like any other GREAT looking daddy. His attention on his daughter and not giving a damn who was gawking. His portrayal of Enis in Brokeback Mountain will undoubtedly define him, but if you check out his other film roles, he was sooooo good. Defintely a great loss to the world, not to mention his daughter and family.
Heartbreaking...Just Bloody Well HeartbreakingFrownFrownFrown....Shades Of Dean...Indeed*~...
Thanks for this picture Daddy...Actually one I had not seen...Its Beautiful and yet still soooo very sad Frown...R.I.P...Heath....
With Gratitude*~...
Enchanted Gypsy*~...

Originally posted by daddy:
This hit me too.
I never met him but he seemed like such a good guy, a little messy but hey...
so talented.

It's sad.

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