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The following site contains a detailed history on gay bars in New York City from 1900 to the present:

Some of these gay bars were controlled by organized crime -- the Genovese and Gambino crime families in particular -- and I'm wondering to what extent does organized crime have any interest today in gay bars and clubs. Anyone with any ideas?
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I *love* that site!

From my experience, so-called organized crime has very little interest in gay bars and clubs in NYC these days. There is something much more lucrative out there-- real estate. From the 1940s through the 1980s, the "crime families" acquired huge swaths of real estate, often for partial payment of "cash under the table," to launder their profits from drugs, gambling, gay bars & underground clubs. Now that their property is worth hundreds of millions, they have legitimized themselves-- at least in Manhattan.

Furthermore, the only reason the "Mafia" had any interest in gay bars was that they were operating illegally. Now that those laws have been eliminated, and indeed no one really gives a hoot whether you are gay or not, the systematic corruption surrounding those laws has vanished, and any Mob interest has waned.
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Matty The Horse was Gennaro's uncle!

Wow, What a site!
I need at least a week to read it but I am gasping at the pictures alone.
That site is a labor of love and beautiful.

Anyway, I agree with Hattie but in the "There is something out there much more lucrative" deptartment.
I'd have to add Liquor distribution.
Years back, there were like 2 liquor distributors in New York that you had to use. One wass Gambino and the other was (is it Colombo?, I forget).
And is it just a coincidence that everyone at the New York State Liquor Authority used to work for one of these distributors in the past?
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I love that site as well. The information contained there is staggering. Preserving the memories and images of that era is so important. The person who created the site has made a royal contribution to those who want to learn more about that time (like me).

I think it is through that site that I found out about the book book I'm reading called 'Beyond Shame: Reclaiming the Abandoned History of Radical Gay Sexuality (Patrick Moore).' If you have not seen it, you might want to take a look. I am enjoying it and learning from it, anyway.
Originally Posted by HistoryofGayBars:
The following site contains a detailed history on gay bars in New York City from 1900 to the present:

I guess I'm far too late for this site as you need a password to get in. Why is it so difficult to find pictures of the gay life back in the day? Anybody who knows of a great list besides that one disco page PLEASE let me know. Would love to see a list of past gay clubs, bars, lounges, bath-houses as well as pictures.


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