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I should think that the NOTS hotel page might be best, as everything you will want to go to will be Downtown.
Anywhere south of Midtown would be a general location. There are some B&B's that are really cheap in the EV, but you will never be able to take anyone back to your room with you... so stick with the hotels-- you never know... you might get lucky!
Never, never choose a hotel near an airport. Though their prices are cheaper, there is a good reason for that. They are miles away from anything but a plane.
But on Manhattan, don't forget: the subway runs 24/7. Although at 4 AM it's a bit slow. And it is extremely safe these days, if you use common sense. If you are really skittish, stay in sight of the token clerk on the platform, and ride in the center of the train near the conductor. But generally, you will find the subway packed at "odd" hours like at 2 or 4 O'clock in the morning.
And taxis, though the price has jumped in the last few years, are much cheaper than they are in London or Paris or L.A.
According to everyone I know, most of NYC is pretty safe these days, though I would avoid the outer boroughs, and Manhattan north of 110th Street after midnight, mostly due to the fact that you will get lost and might stumble upon a fairly dicey neighborhood IMHO.
One thing I might mention is about tipping...
Tip per drink ordered in a bar-- at least a dollar.
Tip your cabbie 10% of the total fare.
If you don't you will probably get an earful.
And oh yes, leave a small tip in your room for the chambermaid-- it's good manners. Some hotels even provide an envelope for that purpose.
I posted this in the Stevie Where To Stay section as well but thought it best to cover the bases. My friends from London stayed at a great apt rental place on Second Av between 13th and 14th called Second Home. The rooms I saw were very big and comfy. The price is great (for NYC mind you) considering the East Village location and space. Some might even have kitchen facilities. Check it out!
Next to ye olde Whipshack, that new tower is going to be a
no wonder they didn't care there would be no light on 3 sides of the thing ---
from Curbed --

CHELSEA"”Well, one hotel mystery has been solved. "The hotel that has been under construction for a looooong time on the north side of 26th street between 6th and 7th got its sign this week... we're proud to welcome a new Holiday Inn to our neighborhood. The lot under construction on the south side of the same block is going to be hotel also, which a broker for the adjacent building told us will likely be a Four Seasons. We didn't really believe him then (The Four Seasons Chelsea?), but what are the chances of that now??!!" [CurbedWire Inbox]
The one 'industry' where prices absolutely always go up in NY is the hotel sector. So all these big chains are buying up what are actually tiny lots in Chelsea and putting up 25 story franchises that they 'flag' (hotel industry lingo) as one of their sub-brands. On 25th around the corner from the new Holiday Inn there is a similar spin-off by Hyatt, I think it is. A lot of these properties end up being where the larger branches in midtown 'walk' their guests when they are overbooked, which is a common practice. The empty lot on 26 nearer to 7th is going to be a hotel that will force the trade union-owned 275 Seventh Ave. building to lower rents for all tennants who have east-facing offices because now all of those offices will have their windows bricked up because the hotel will be right up against them. With the average room rate now closer to $300 and above and with millions more Europeans than just a year ago flooding NYC because of the dead US dollar there is a scramble by hoteliers to build.
Eve I would love to have some major $$ enterprise, but I don't relish adding to the 'misery' there. Renting rooms out to Europeans and watching them trampling NYC as a 'tourist destination' -- ick. (If only it was still a nice 'Shanty' in there! But it's lost all its western-facing light and air. And it will be torn down as soon as they get their $700.-a-month ancient renters out... whenever.)

That little island at the end of 14th Street Miss U. I am certain you must recollect (or heard) at one time was the S&M gay club, THE ANVIL. The building was originally just an old apartment dwelling (1970s), then a trick hotel, then the lower level was an odd combination of topless club and men's gay bar! That is, topless girl dancers on most days, and gay men on the weekend.

The basement 'backroom' became so popular, that while you were doing your topless gig, gay guys were walking in all night long and flipping out. Before long they went to guys only, and the girls lost another venue.

So there's alot of lovely sleazy history in that spot... that no-one now wants to acknowledge.
An unluxurious location indeed and well-suited for the transient wild nightlife that once went on there.

Reminds me of going into the Bagel place now at 24th and 6th after they threw Billy's Topless out, and asking for a 'topless bagel please with a schmear' and no-one laughed.
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