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generally, i listen to all types of music - it really doesn't matter with me....but i pay special attention to House music., when i say "House music", i don't mean the house you hear at raves or over-trendy clubs(which is primarily "Progressive House")....oh no, no, no...i'm talkin' about Chicago/New Jersey House....soulful House....Deep House, i.e. Liz Torres, Kerri Chandler, Lil Louis, Masters At Work, Tony Humphries, Marshall Jefferson, Master Kev, Mr. Fingers, Althea McQueen, Ten City, Byron Stingly, DJ Pierre, Lavonn, Frankie Knuckles, The Burrell Brothers, Adeva, DJ E-Man, DJ Carlos Sanchez, ect., ect., ect.
...THAT House music.

everytime i come back home to New York, i GOTTA' stop by The Shelter to get my fix...EVERYTIME!

so, needless to say, i'm a Househead, & i'm proud of it.
...any others out there?

...& look at the bitch NOW!
"Wigstock:The Movie"
the sweetest person in the world, can be the FIERCEST person in the world! Mz. Lady Dubois!
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