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- ONE topic per regular weekly or monthly events. Please use a descriptive title and update new information IN THAT TOPIC. This encourages discussion of your event, which in turn makes people more interested in it. It also saves valuable space on our topic list page. Every time you or someone else posts in your topic, it gets bumped to the beginning of the list.

- We forbid all-capitals titles - please use capitals for your important phrases only.

- Keep titles short and targeted - DO NOT use silly phrases like "Best Party in New York" or rows of exclamation points in your title. Titles that take up more than two lines on the topic list will be edited by moderators.

- You are welcome to link to external sites, and add pictures that you have the rights to post. We no longer charge for uploading images to our site, and welcome images from all registered members.

- Placement of affiliate links, spyware or sponsored links in a post will be deleted immediately, as will posts offering illegal services or items that violate our Terms of Service (please read).

Following a warning, violation of the above rules will result in your username being suspended or terminated, and in extreme cases, you will be banned by IP.
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