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AS Hurricane Irene gets closer, Bloomy has called for the first-ever NYC mandatory evacuation - of "ZONE A" - the city's lowest lying areas, including Avenues B, C and D on some blocks, Battery Park City and more. Please make sure you know whether you are in any of the three zones -  Check this map and make sure. If you are in ZONE A, you will need to evacuate by 5 PM Saturday, and all public transportation will stop at noon.


We'll be posting here and welcome reports, pics, etc. from Mboarders up and down the coast. Also watch @motherboardsnyc on twitter


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In case there is any confusion right now about evacuating with pets:


The usual ban on pets on the subway has been lifted during the evac - remember that all mass transit is shutting down at noon Saturday.


If you have a carrier case/kennel for your pet, NYC emergency shelters have a separate area where pets in their carriers will be housed. Owners are responsible for walking and feeding them. So, please make sure you have access to your pet's carrier/kennel.


I am looking for more information on this topic, so if you find a link before I do, post it here..

Seems the wind action here on the Westside was minimal; I have seen many pics of broken trees in the EV and Tompkins Square Park. Now the issue of flooding and tidal surges remains for this neighborhood.
I look out the window and see joggers. Nothing will stop them, apparently. I can also see about 3 feet of water on (the now closed?) Don Hill's roof. Not good. Somebody should have cleaned out those drains!
In this area the sea wall by the river is new and sturdy. Down at BPC and over in the Financial District that is not so. Plus the elevation there is slightly lower, so they are getting some flooding.
I am actually located in Zone A. But since Zone B begins right across the street, I did not feel it was necessary to evacuate. And had Zone B been ordered to leave, I would have done so.
So I stayed put last night. There was a big tub of basil I had to bring in from the fire escape, because I was afraid it would blow off. Last night, I harvested all the leaves and made pesto. Gorged on a huge pot of Farfalle al Pesto while watching the storm over the Hudson. Mmmmm!

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