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Has anyone found it? I would really appreciate a return email on this one...okay? It was a really, really small little baggie and it had some white powder in it. It's medicine and I really need it. I dropped it at about 3:45 AM in the left stall in the upstairs bathroom. The bulb was burnt out and I couldn't see a thing....I'm hoping someone might have found it...if so, could you PLEEEZ return it to me? Thanks! Just email me and I'll give you my new address....OKAY? Thanks Hun!
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Oh my God Billy, was that yours. I thought it was this AJAX that I keep in my pocket (in case of emergency hard water stains that can sometimes yellow a sink or toilet bowl). Wow, your medicine really took off that pesky brown ring! I was so excited I cleaned the entire club with a toothbrush until two the next afternoon. Where can I get some more?
Don't feel so bad. Back in 1996, I thought I was buying coke from the now dearly departed drug troll Angel. Turned out to be K and after me and about six other people proceeded to hoover it up we had to be escorted from the bathroom and through the crowd by Kitty because we were so fucked up. For some reason, even though I felt fucked up at the time, I still look back on that night and smile. Ah, club life!
Oh Billy...I'm so sorry. I went into that bathroom right after you emerged and I found that little tiny baggie of white powder. Being the brilliant make up artist that you are I was sure it was some divine matte powder for the face from Paris so I stashed it in my make up case and used it when I beat my daughter Ginger's face for The First Time In Pumps Contest later that year. Needless to say it worked so well that Ginger won first place in the contest. Her animated and high energy performance really caught the eye of the judges that night. Her beat was so georgeous and that powder served her so well that she didn't even need a wig. My work was that much easier due to the magic of that little baggie of white powder. Thanks for keeping the shine off a beauty's face and on her performance instead. I hope it all comes back to you a hundred fold.
well of course i find my way right to the source! I'm glad someone is paying homage to the real creative source of jackie -the bathrooms.

when you could get in of course, when miss arias wasn't being nailed by a coterie of Germanic male models or getting sloppy with the House of Domination. You could die there on line till miss A was finished.

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