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Facebook can be a nightmare.
I now have almost 5,000 friends (thankfully the limit!)
So now I'm going in the other direction...
Unfriending people.
The people I unfriend are people that CONSTANTLY bombard me with stupid email or crap.
People that invite me EVERY SINGLE WEEK to some party in Gdansk (Poland).
I mean I'll go dance but NOT in Gdansk thank you very much.
So now I go through my "friends" and weed out nail salons in Oshgosh Wisconsin for example.

Today I got this friend request.
He's called "LAUNCH!"
I clicked on him to see what my "friend" is all about and I see this:

Launch! Media Group utilizes cutting edge social media tools to develop innovative, results driven brand marketing and publicity campaigns. Currently we specialize in providing customized content management and application development for the mobile web, as well as social media sites such as Facebook, My Space, You Tube and Twitter. We will consistently evolve our business efforts to incorporate the most effective social media tools to remain on the cutting edge of the burgeoning social marketing landscape.

He was so on the cutting edge of my knife.


Or should I say "Ignor".

Anyone else?
Who do you "Ignore"?
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