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Club Rebel
251 30th street between 7th & 8th ave
New York, NY
$15 in appropriate attire, $30 in sharp all black

Fetish, creatively dressed, Burner beautiful, formal, leather, latex, uniforms, school girl.

From the creators and co producers of SUSPENSION, {XCESS and THE ULTIMATE AFTER PARTY Las Vegas comes....
...a new level in sophisticated fetish play.

Deliver impact, make an impression, bruise the night in your telltale shape. Select a target. Take aim. Collide. Feel the reverberation as flesh meets flesh, mind meets mind. A molecular disturbance. Electrical currents pulsate through your tissue, down into your bones. Power transferred...a new conception. You will be remembered. You will not soon forget. Tonight leave your mark.
Let us know you will be joining us. Doing so is important so be certain to claim your attendance today.
DJ Xris SMack will be on hand for your listening pleasure!
Hot space decked out in stunning rich colors, elegant seating, upscale bar and a back room surprise.
IMPACT attracts over 200 kinksters and curious to each party. We are open to new attendees regardless of experience or preference. If you are feeling nervous about coming alone or for the first time please reach out to us and we will arrange for one of our "fetish ambassadors" to escort you and make things more comfortable. We cater to all ages so please feel free to reach out with questions in general.

And join us for a special Memorial Day-SUSPENSION-May 28th@the Delancey lounge, click for all the info and to let us know you are coming! click here
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