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The very first post in the first topic of the new Jackie Legends Forum. Like the very beginning of the night at Jackie, a bit scary and awkward but absolutely tinged with anticipation.

This forum is for Jackie Legends -those couple of hundred performers, spectators,
voyeurs, supernovas, art-school kids and sex industry professionals that comprised the very core of Jackie 60's ten year reign.

We are now spread out all over the world, a lot of us involved in the same crazy but worthwhile aesthetic pursuits that first brought us together, some living totally different lives.

It's been long enough now since Jackie's Last Tuesday of the Century for us to get a bit of perspective into what we created, and though I think I can speak for all of the Jackie producers when I say that we don't miss the work, but we do miss our Tuesday Night Faithful. I hope we can catch up here!

This forum can not be read by unregistered surfers, but for now we are allowing registration by anyone who claims to be a Jackie Legend, not just those who are invited in. We urge you to invite other JLs and jackie appreciators to join us, or to use this forum to contact long-lost Jackie Friends.
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I feel like you've done it all for me, Mommy. Thanks. This is the answer for long lost New Yorkers stuck in the "easy money" rut of LA non-nightlife. Beige Hollywierd is packed to the gills and I shouldn't be complaining, but godammit I AM! I'm still hoping to return to Gotham soon, but I need to finish things up with my mini-nervous breakdown/mid- life crisis. (don't ask)

We here at Beige Hollywierd are hosting the Legendary legendness of Ovah superstar Willi Ninja in a couple of weeks. Too gay.

Keep up the good work ...I'm loving it thanks to DSL....why are you gagging?
Remember those smoky fun-filled nights in the main room..dancing to Daddy's best, the bathroom cam, the brown couch, the Versaille room and it's remarkable inhabitants? Remember it all? I do. Let's not forget. Ever. It made us all the legends we are. I miss everyone so much sometimes. It's so nice to come back here to this empty room and remember.
Reading that post just brought it all back for me Bobby - I can't help it i miss jackie 60 so much and especially the dancefloor..where anything could and did happen..and the chatter on the mikes - i miss you Paul Alexander and Torren too, and that smell of jackie too : dampness, cologne, pot, sweat and spilled cocktails.

the smell of new york it was.
I was walking down 2nd Avenue tonight, nearing 2nd St., looking across the street at what will be Daddy. While pondering a bit of the future, I looked to my left and noticed a man sleeping on the sidewalk wearing a black Jackie 60 t-shirt. After a quick doubletake, I just laughed to myself at the irony and oddness of the moment.
That led me into a brief nostalgic episode. Recalling the year long of magical nights at Jackie 60 when I danced with Bobby, marveled over Chi Chi, got drunk with Pablo, lost my drag virginity, met a million and one queens, photographed all the fabulous happenings and people and in the midst of all this learned a thing or two about myself. The visual memories of Wednesday's dawns, winding down, sitting on my rooftop and listening to Nirvana. It was magic.
I really miss the corner bar stool at the Versailles room, it was the best spot to see everything that was going on in that small area and you got to chat with everyone because eventually they would all come up to the bar for a drink! There was that one guy with the bandana who used to come all the time, I don't remember what his name was...but there's an unsung Jackie Legend for you (and he seemed to know everyone else...hmmm....). Miss you all terribly.
Yeah, of course they wish it would come back. 'cause they didn't have to pay $10,000 a month in rent! Or get sued by drunken lesbians who fell down the stairs (NANCY ISLA!!!!!) Or pay liquor bills or insurance or put in sprinkler systems and fix blown out speakers and sinks torn out of the wall by drunken lesbians or...

No, it was great.

Just to see our little girl, Betty dancing with Jessica Rabbit, Genocide, Marti and all of the other House Of Domination girls was worth it.


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..........raining and cloudy day in a train station .....seeing somebody at the other side of the track....knowing that in a few minuts you won't see that person again........that is what it is to fall in love....!.....(interview with sophia lamar).......OK, I had that feeling at the dancing floor (few, very intense times) at mother.

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