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Jeez I so hate Johnny Depps choice in women. It's so dissapointin... if any yall have met him, he's bright, funny, charismatic really curious and open. Yet he choosed these awful women time an time again... i guess its the waif drug connection. Here's his missus on French TV recently.... her performance makes Brittany on VMA look like Busby Berkley. And those tombstone teeth! Lawrd. She always shagged her way to jobs that one too... she used to shag Lenny Kravitz before Johnny and before that some dude at Chanel... this clip is a hoot though...

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I am plucked!!!!!!
Basil Twist in a Dolly video. I am so jealous.
It's not my favorite song but still, it's Dolly.

Why are Christian Rock songs usually so bad?
They are so heartfelt and strong but the melody, lyrics etc. just goes right out the window.
White Christian Rock is the lamest music ever written.

But hey, Dolly can do no wrong.

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