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There's precious little of Andy Warhol on YouTube, strangely enough. Who's hoarding all those clips of Andy at the WWF with Cyndi Lauper when she went through her wrestling phase? Anyone remember Wendy Richter, The Fabulous Moolah and Lou Albano? MTV covered the matches extensively around 1985, and Andy would wander in and out of locker rooms, matches, talk to the wrestlers, etc., always seemed to be hovering. Someone has to dig those out. Meanwhile, if you're hungry for Andy, this is fun.

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We have embedded video...sort of!

Well needless to say the subject of embedded video has been a hot topic over on the Infopop/Groupee/Eve message boards.

Many community admins (like myself) are impatient with the slow pace of including embedded video in the software. We understand the security risks, but it has been over a year since it was promised.

As a workaround, it seems that Community Admins (that would be me) have been granted the right to embed video. No other users have as yet, but hopefully that is coming.

There are some peculiarities about this workaround. One seems to be that the video clip must come first in the message, the second is that no regular links seem to work when there is an embedded video in a post.

So for now, I will go in and add the tags I need to whenever you post a YouTube URL. I will work backwards through Part 1 of this topic as well and edit old posts to permit embeds as time allows.

So, just keep posting your links and comments as you did before in this topic, and I will be checking it.

If you want me to embed video in another topic or forum, you will need to email mboards @ with a link to the topic that contains your link.

Enjoy! And hopefully soon you will be able to do this for yourselves.
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Hey all Here is a trailer for Jonny Tingle's unfinished film Skintight: The Movie. Plenty of stars from these boards and some faces not seen in a while, too. We shot it in the summer of 1999 on 16mm. Sorry for the poor quality but it's the ONLY version in existence. Starring Raffaele and Jessica Rabbit Domination. Featuring Jackie Beat, Mario Diaz, Mishele Meow, Robert Flowrider, Javier, Justin Bond, Supermodel Anthony, Tony, Carly, Jonny Tingle, Christine, Lisa Davis, Heidi, Hattie Hathaway. Look quickly for the Versailles Room at Mother nightclub c. 1999. Costumes by Kitty Boots. Edited by Brian Damage.

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oh! amorous congress. it's a HUGE vageene...

have not heard about her being in jail.
poor dear. she's a bit of a nutter.
on her website (
a "fan" has written a letter regarding
that parody i linked to above.
it's so obviously something she wrote herself.
kinda sad, really...

anyway, my sister pinto~ is the local authority
on all things brenda d. so i'll call him now
and ask about her stint in the hoosegow!

there are several more parodies by "deven green"
on youtube... just search for them.
when sammy jo was here we were cracking up at them!

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