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Every Friday I get the Jonty Skruff Newsletter .
It's great (and mandatory for any DJ).

I first met Jonty Skrufff in the 80's where as a bar back he fell down the elevator shaft at Danceteria AND LIVED!!!
It was a miracle.
Obviously God had plans for little Jonty Skrufff.
"Jonty, I want you to do a weekly newsletter" said God.

And he did.
I highly recommend it! (you can join by going to the site).

Anyway, Every week Jonty finds the best websites EVER!
I thought I would start this topic to share some of them and maybe send some to Jonty.
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Let's start with this one.

The Big Boy - Package Appearance Enhancer

How does a modern man handle a swimming race in cold waters? If you want to look good, you might consider The Big Boy (formerly called The Bulge). Worn under Speedos, Spandex Shorts, Underwear or pants, this flexible unit enhancer will make everything look a little larger. After all, those penis enhancer pills other websites sell aren't going to work, so why not just start faking it.

The Big Boy is designed to look realistic without being irritating, or inconvenient. Unlike padded briefs, the big boy fits everyone. Its design allows it to stay in place and not shift around.


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Christian Sex Toys:

Our desire and prayer is...

to aid the Christian couple in avoiding sex shops, pornographic magazines, web sites that promote pre-marital sex, homosexuality, violence and/or volatile or pornographic material.

to support Christian couples who require or want the resources to rekindle the passion in their relationship, spark their desire and assist them in their creative methods of expressing their love for each other: enabling full sensual and sexual satisfaction, through Romance, intimate Christian written material and love-making marital aids.

to offer a resource for products intended for the Christian couple or individual without incurring elevated prices. As we all know, most retailers for Christian products tend to be over-priced in order to offset the low volume and their store-front costs. Instead, we would like to give you the opportunity to purchase items at prices that are competitive and in most cases unbeatable! If you are able to find a better price on an item that we carry let us know, and we will do our best to match it.

We hope you enjoy this site and it blesses you and your spouse. Our intent is to provide not only marital aids but anything that has to do with Love, Romance and Intimacy. Check our FAQs page for answers to tough questions like: orgasm and stimulation, oral sex, anal sex and masturbation. Please check back with us, as we are a work in progress, and will be adding great items weekly. If any of our terms or topics like Christian sex toys, Christian marital aids, Christian adult toys, Christian oral sex, Christian anal sex or Christian lingerie is offensive to you, please take the time to browse the FAQs page and ask questions if you like or you can simply exit the site.


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Here's one for all the hopeless romantics.

Chas Boone

Hello, I was told to make this HOT! But I was thinking that's what
the picture's were for? Anyway, I wish you could hear my voice. It
would make this so much easier. I speak with a rumble and it has a
way with heart's. I personally like the effect myself. Well, as
you may see I work-out a lot. Not much more to do in here. I do have
a hand at art work, In fact if you write me, I will send you a personal
rose drawn just for you. Before coming to this God forsaken place I
had worked on boats all over the world. The ocean is my passion and I
will return to her. I love candles, rose pedals, bubble
bath's. I love to rub oil into my mate's skin, as I enjoy it rubbed
into my own. I "need" it HOT and sweaty for my play. I am no wham bam!
Everything I do, I do it well or not at all. I will never be the
first to be pleased. Because most of my pleasure I get is when the
one I am with has their needs fulfilled. Then we complete each other together.
I write a lot of poetry. Some of it is actually pretty good. Over 300
so far. I have also written a book. Nothing published ..... that at
this time is not in my budget. I love to sail, surf, hang glide,
tear up the dirt or pavement on my bikes ( sad story on toys). I
enjoy all adrenaline highs.....but a fine wine and fire is also nice.
I would really, "nay", LOVE to have a place to go from here. I will
write anyone but prefer to write to MEN. This is me, being me......Chas.

Date of Birth: 7/9/70

Chas Boone # 15045815
2605 State Street


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Originally posted by daddy:
Here's one for all the hopeless romantics.
Chas Boone
The ocean is my passion and I
will return to her. I love candles, rose pedals, bubble
bath's. ... I write a lot of poetry. Some of it is actually pretty good. Over 300
so far. ....
this time is not in my budget. ... I would really, "nay", LOVE to have a place to go from here.

Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match. Oh Daddy - maybe that shoould be Troublemaker, troublemaker, get me in trouble.

Of course I am going to write to this seaman poet and invite him to live with me when he gets out. Slightly concerned by the use of the possesive in place of the plural (bath's) and the use of the word "'nay,'" though he does put it in quotes.

Haven't been around much lately - as my life is a whirlwind as I prepare to move to New England in October. Very excited about seeing Sweetie on the Project Runway teasers for this week.
Originally posted by bobby:
Yay Hapi in New England. Come on over for some apple cider and clam chowder gurl.

I'll bring the Oyster Crackers. Yeah, I can't believe that I'm doing this. I have been meaning to post in "Other Places" or whatever that forum is called. Chas & I can have a "Boston Marriage" as the Victorian dykes used to call it. 2039? Madge, Jacko, Prince and I will be 81 years old.
Finding a public toilet is sooooooo old school. Why waste your time feverishly seeking out a spot to squat when really all you need is the convenience of an adult diaper. I can have lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant, knock back a few espresso's, AND then explore the city all day without the need of a bathroom. I am "green", so I only use cotton, washable nappy's. The people where I drop my laundy off are not too thrilled, but hey, life can be kinda shitty sometimes, right?

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