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Hi kids-

here's the press release on our upcoming show in London. If you are a dear friend and will be in town, please e me for guest list - if you need a room though the room/2 tickets deal sounds not so bad. We will be staying in the hotel ourselves - makes it easy to pass out directly upstairs!


Arthur Baker, Sean McLusky & Culturecide Promotions in association with The Great Eastern Hotel present

@ The Great Eastern Hotel, Liverpool Street, London EC2.

FASHION WEEK SPECIAL The fourth in a series of exclusive events, bridging 20 years of electronic music unifying the talents of the true originators with todays new breed.

Doors 8pm - 2.30am
18 in advance 20 on the door

Live on stage exclusive live performances from:
COLDER (Output Recs)
T RAUMSCHMIERE (Novamute/Shitkatapult)
JOY IBIAYO (performing Bucci Bag)

BIKINI FASHION SHOW - (featuring the JG4B collection for BIKINI by Louise=Middleton & Jasper Goodall)

International DJs on the night:

The legendary New York club JACKIE 60
Presents CABARET MAGIQUE featuring:
DIRTY MARTINI (showgirl)

"Like Moulin Rouge on Crack" the L.A. Times.

Plus DJs

Hip Hop Room -
QUEST (UK DMC Champion 2003)

Hotel Accommodation for Return To New York event:
Rooms Available at 136 + VAT, including Two Tickets to the event.
To book call: 0207 6185010 Quoting Return To New York.

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Hi there!

Unfortunately the modest budget precluded us bringing the glorious Hattie this time around. We will miss her desparately!

The figures quoted are in pounds, and unfortunately our guest list is getting rather big already, to our delight and surprise.

But why dont you email me off my profile and tell me a bit more about yourself and if you are a big old Jackie legend Ill see what I can do.. No promises!

Time Out London is also running something on the Jackie visit, so I think between the elist, this topic and that all our friends will know. How great!
The room was too hot, Daddy was having a great time, the Empress was in fine form, Jessica, Dirty Martini and Lavinia trooped hard, the crowd went bats for Debravation, but why did at least ten people ask me if I knew where to get some "pills"? London doesn`t seem to get the new burlesque, as fixated as the crowd was on the stage they forgot how to applaud. At least the drinks weren`t too overpriced and they did pour deep ones.
I will say that the English are animals!
Theiving magpies to be exact. They will mop ANYTHING that is not nailed down. Everytime I turned around there was a hand going through one of our bags or someone reaching over to steal Dirty Martini's feather fans from the DJ booth. (They did get one of her dresses). Then the hotel was kind enough to send over a really nice bottle of champaigne to the stage. But before we even got a chance to taste it some Theiving Limey Magpie had snuck up ON THE STAGE and mopped it! They are fierce! We were like lambs in a wolf den. Then Debbie went on. I played her CD and it was almost to the end when this obnoxious girl reached over into the booth and hit the button to start the track ALL OVER AGAIN! Debravation was cool as a cucumber though and just kept singing. So she ended up doing the song twice. She rules.
I think I understand Kitty Boots, Anna Nicole and Jimmy Scouse alot more now.

And Seven...
The English NEVER really applaude. We've performed in England many times (especially London) and we've always noticed that. It's a real thing there not to act impressed. The first time it's very disconcerting. Then someone explains that in fact the crowd loved your show, they just can't show it.
And of course I have a theory about that phenomenon...
You see, all English people are natural born performers. That's why the best actors in the world are English. It's in their genes. They are ALL pop stars trying to out-do each other with eccentricity. Their hair, clothes... whatever. When they see someone else on a stage it kills them. So even though they may be wrecked by a show they hardly ever applaude. That's my theory anyway.
I mean did you see Jimmy Scouse hambone it up at Magique the other week. A couple of beers and he's Tommy Tune! It's in the genes I tell you.

One exception though...
The next night we went to Lavinia Co-op's new party (which is the hottest new party in London by the way. PACKED! Go Lavinia!) And Dirty Martini got up and did a number.
The place went nuts!
Well, so much for my theory.

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...first of all, Lavinia is Irish!
And secondly... you were performing near 'Spitalfields (St. Mary's Hospital In The Fields) and Whitechapel, after all... old habits die hard.
Thirdly, who was that chisler who tried to drop my name? Why, I oughtta...
I bet he knows my cousin, Irma.

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Seven my love - I never saw you again that nite - we hid out in Debbie's room after and had several of Lavina's delicious cigarettes... Are you in Bosnia now?

I absolutely adore London, lifelong, and for whatever reason, the feeling seems mutual. Yes, the people don't clap, but they come up after with their eyes shining and tell you things like - "You are a credit to all womanhood."

Though my fondest London memory wasnt the show at all, but hanging with Asbestos Pestle from The Beautiful Bend (our nineties sister club in London) and Dead Or Alive diva Dean Bright in a pub right across from Spitalfield's market.

We talked of The Beautiful Bend, which used to cost 1 pound, include a genius theme, free takeaway art on xerox blowups a la Jackie, food (cooked in his flat across from club) and even costumes hanging for anyone to wear. And inevitably, of Leigh Bowery, as we are beginning work on the "Leigh Bowery in NY" exhibit for DCI, the one postponed indefinately after 9/11.

And Lavinia's club was such fun! In an old church on Hackney road, everyone very JC and gorgey, with fake blood accoutrements and Brandon Olson-tinged spoken word, and picnic tables outside.

Sunday nights, its called Radio Egypt, its at 291 Hackney Road, Go! (The church is a bit set back from the street.)

Also look for the Beautiful Bend stall at Spitalfield's Market, Thursdays and Sundays.
In Locarno now Empress, not too distant from Bosnia, in fact a lot of smuggling, money laundering and cigarrettes mostly but some illegal aliens too, come and go through here from Bosnia. The last time I was here I spent one evening in a mountain hut at 10,000 feet with three veteran Albanian border piercers who proceeded to drink nearly all their contraband while cheating eachother blind at cards all night. One nice ammenity about Locarno though are the numerous corner smoke shops, and it is not leaf from Virginia. See you when I get back, physically that is. At the party I zoned out to the potty-mouthed dj=ing of Princess Superstar after J60 s last set, had some of my favorite libations and actually remember little until 3PM sunlight pried my lids open at a place near Whitechapel. Sunday for me was consumed, along with other things, in Hoxton Square reading a nice little tome entitled The Book of Orgasms I spotted in a little shop next to the Hackney Flower Market, and then having conversations with assorted gaggles of Sunday layabouts in the Square in which the english language made narry an appearance. As one of the official mottos of my Liberation Zone goes, If you can escape yourself no Nation has a chance. Viva Los Desaparacedos.

(sorry for all the edits,its a german keyboard)

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SOOOO glad that you enjoyed Blighty....

Daddy you were so spot on about us Brits...
It's so funny cos I do always think the Brits are way ahead of stuff always... when it come to creative shit... i think its cos we have to be more resourceful... there isn't as much consumersism and disposable income so you have to improvise and 'make do' which i think leads to more inventive and sometimes more creative expression.
Would LOVE for you both to go up to Liverpool! That is a world away from London - EVERYONE is a musician, actor or comedian up there...(ALL the women are big bold and brassy up there ALL OF THEM!!)
my New York pal, Adam Bomb just played The Cavern up in Liverpool and he tells tales of then being woken at 4am in his hotel by a bunch of Scousers (Liverpudlians) asking him to get out of bed as they had a few mates for him to jamm with.... only in Liverpool would that be happening of a Monday night.... (sure enough Adam went to some back room of a club that was TOTALLY jumping, packed with people - SMOKING and DRINKING and doing what they damm well pleasey)... ahhh I miss Blighty now.....
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