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OK, We've got Miss Jayne herself on The Motherboards!
Let's get down to the real nitty gritty with the queen herself.

First up...
Miss Jayne, Chi Chi and I want to know the truth about the infamous Richard Hell blow job (mentioned in some other topic).
We know Richard and we just can't picture it.
Elaborate please.
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I first met Jayne County at Club Velvet in Atlanta in 1992. She performed in the upstairs "lounge" - which basically consisted of a bar, some frou-frou chairs, and a small stage. When I saw Miss County screaming into the microphone, rolling around on the floor as if she were having a seizure (which she may have been), that was when I knew seriously knew that punk rock was ALIVE!

My boyfriend at the time, Rob. Walton (now editor-in-chief for and I were somehow enlisted to chauffer this bewitching creature home.

Mr. Joe: "Which way, Jayne? Where are you staying?"

Jayne: "Take me to Buckhead! I'm crashing at Angie Bowie's place!"

As we drove the Goddess back to Angie's at around 5am, we were trapped at an intersection with an apparently broken stoplight (it never went to green). Just when we were about to run the light, a gorgeous, hunky jock was limping by our car on crutches. Jayne was out of control!! She rolled down the window, howling at the hunk, and hurling herself through the backdoor window, tried to grab one of his crutches.

"GET IN HERE, HONEY!" And bringing her torso back into the car, she says (deadpan to us): "He cain't run that far on one crutch!"

I gunned it.
Holy Hatshepsut! I'm so hapi you made it to the Motherboards!

Jayne; you glamour genius; I love you. You are one of my role-super-models! I totally adore & worship you, and I am writing you in for AmeriKa's first trans-goddess socialist President in 2008! Fuck Hillary and Obama; Janyne County for Comanderess-in-chief!

Sorry for gushing but I truly do admire you for all the issues that you take a stand for and advocate for, as well as for your place in the history of this fucking planet and for your total commitment to being YOU !
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