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I've been asked to move Jeremy to his own memorial topic, and have moved posts related to him here, with the exception of posts that relate to both he AND Dean Johnson. (If you are not familiar with the case, Jeremy died under very similar and highly suspicious circumstances in the same D.C. apartment as Dean did, while visiting the same person.)

Jeremy, I'm sorry that we didn't get a chance to know you, but you are well remembered here!

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I wanted to mention the other guy that died in the apartment 4 days earlier was my boyfriend Jeremy Conklin. I know all of the articles say Jordon Cronklin, but they have his name wrong. I currently am waiting to hear what the tests results are to come back. I went down to DC to identify Jeremy 2 weeks ago and I just want to put it out there that Jeremy was a great kid I loved him very much and he had so much more life to live.
He like Dean was only going down there for the weekend.
if you would like to see pics of me and Jeremy they are available on my myspace page
I miss my Jeremy very much and will be holding a memorial service in Provincetown this month for him.

There has also been a pic of the 2 of us a few posts up
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