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I love Joan Rivers.
I remember when we were kids we couldn't watch her on TV.
(yes there was TV when I was a kid so don't any of you bitches try it!)

She was always really out there and very fierce but in this subversive way.
She comes across like this Westchester housewife (which I guess she is on some level) but can carry on like Lenny Bruce.

A couple of years ago I went to see her and couldn't believe how scandalous she was.
She was more intense than any of the young comedians out there now.
To say that she "went there" is an understatement.
I was totally scandalized many times during her show.

I love her.


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Daddy I totally agree - Joan is so great. I remember listening to her comedy LP from the early 80's over and over. She spared no one on that record.

It was always a thrill when she filled in for Jonny Carson in the 70s and early 80s. I love how she would always laugh at her own jokes and crack herself up.

I found this DJ only (that means you Daddy) promo cover for the LP What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most - check out the type on the arm.

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Joan is great. When Pookie and I were doing a benefit ( him as Martha. me doing make up and hair) at Town Hall. Joan was on the bill playing an old broad in jail. When I arrived through the stage door to go to Pookie's dressing room, Joan saw me in my tight black leather pants and cracked, " Whoever you are, my dressing room is that way and I will be ready to have a bite of you in just a few minutes darling". I laughed out loud and she added, " what's so funny?"with a poker straight face. A truly great soul.
In the '60's and early 70's my mother would put me in front of the teevee to watch Carson while she smoked her Old Golds and drank rum and coke. It was way obvious Carson was turned on by Rivers. Joan Rivers knew how to do teevee. She always upstaged everyone who was on no matter who. She pushed the format just with her physical energy which went beyond charisma to riding the edge of just what the camera could contain in a little square. She always pushed the censor's barriers and really her main target was bourgeois values - a 'housewife' type who attacked it all. In a way she was more macho than any of the male jokesters. And she was never hard to look at either. Bashing everything no-holds made her right in tune with the late '60's and in part that is what made it easy to admire her. I think by the 80's and certainly the 90's a lot of other people in the showbiz world had caught up to her and somehow her success in becoming a brand and self-contained enterprise lessened her cred as someone who couldn't give a shit about what other people thought. And she never learned what her limitations were -by the time she was doing red carpet commentary with her daughter it was obvious it was all about the paycheck. But one thing hasn't changed with her and that is her live act. Messy Bonnie listen up.
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