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OK...maybe this should just be under a personal fetish section or smth... but i really love Leguizamo.... i am probably on my own in this lil catagory...but thought i would at least confess it here at least.... (ahh now i have confessed, Hail Mary!)..... But I do think he's so cute, very funny, sharp, his stand up shows are really entertaining....OK I am sounding a bit like one of those TRL fans or smth.... but... well... i luuurrrves Leguizamo.... I think he lives in my hood E'Vill... I see him from time to time on his bike on First av (swoon Swoon) F.Buddy just finnished a boxing movie with him too...everyone says hes a real cherub....... anyway... i will stop this now... sounding too silly...
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I right with you on this one. He is an awesome talent! And so underrated. I could never figure out why people like Bruce Willis, Will Smith & Eddie Murphy etc are so huge and he isn't. I mean it's not like he never made it but he should be getting the bucks Jim Carey and the others do. I've been such a big fan of his for years. (surprise surprise)
One time a friend of mine was doing his hair & make up for I think "Spic-O-Rama". He happen to mentioned my name and John L. was like, "Oh my God, you know Johnny Dynell? Can you get me a tape? I love his music." When my friend told me the story I GAGGED! I of course made him a fierce tape. I never met him though, I couldn't handle it.
I know YOU could though Anna!
As all of the obsessive MU fans in the midwest must know, I was in the pageant section of "Too Wong Foo...". While it looks short after editing, it involved 2 weeks of rehearsal and 4 days of filming. John was really nice and funny to work with, and yes, he's totally hot up close!

He's also a damn good actor. He already had his drag character down years before in "Mambo Mouth" and in a short film... I forget the name. He's one of the rare actors I've seen that plays a believable drag queen. It's that delicate balance of queeny-meets-agressive. He had definitely known (biblically???) a few actual queens in his time.

Anyone have any photos of his ass?
Daddy... can i use your fame and talents to 'get to Johnny Legs'!! could lure him with promises of the real Johnny Dynell DJing in my flat...course i might have to slip poor leguizamo some roofies to shag me ..but its worth a shot! (Hey after your DJing he might even shag messy Bonnie Rait!)
I hear that he lives 'round our way' E.V around 7th st. or smt? Can we invite him to Chez es saada pleeeeeeeeeaseeeeeeeeee.
Nice to hear from Miss U that he is a sweetie... everyone who i know who has worked with him says he is a cherub... he is a total talent... but he is latino and very non-LA bullshit so course he won't go THAT far... but he is welcome to go very far in Chez Moi!!
Fuck flattering.....they want to see his ass...give em what they want,as we say...whose lookin at the mantle piece when you're pokin the fire anyway!!

PS Anyone have any copies of his show Freak or Sexaholic... both were on HBO.... i see them on e-bay but the bids go up to $100...too much for wank-material i say... I mean comedy.

PPS I know that John would LOVE to come to Chez es saada to hear Daddy he lives in the hood.... SOMEONE must know him.... poor cherub he would be like Daniel in the Lions den....
I love John...He makes a hot looking woman in drag don't he? I found the book of monologues contain the material for Mambo Mouth and I laughed so hard I pee'd my pants(OK not really, but it was funny) Manny the Fanny will live forever! And he was hot in To Wong Foo... and I loved Moulin Rouge and Romeo and Juliet, and on down the line....and RuPaul was in To Wong Foo as well, don't forget that, darlings!

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