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Oops - I forgot to post New Year's/Hooker's Ball info here! Just wanted to say how glad we are to be able to throw one of our usual New Year's parties this year, and keep the price normal too, given all the price-gouging and venue problems that other nights have had. Special thanks to Micheline and the staff at CBs for this, and we look forward to seeing you for this one!



Doors open 10:30 PM till 4 AM

Advance Tickets By Credit Card Or Paypal Online After 12/10
Includes Free Champagne at Midnight
You must be 18 (with valid ID) to enter, 21 to drink.

JACKIE 60 FURTHER's annual celebration of The Sporting Life and the well-turned trick returns on New Year's Eve at their comfy East Village headquarters. This year's edition is dedicated to the Godmother of all Working Girls, XAVIERA HOLLANDER, and the Red Light district of Amsterdam, her longtime home. (This year saw the thirtieth anniversary of publication of Hollander's seminal tome THE HAPPY HOOKER.) THE HOUSE OF DOMINATION will be creating all of the Method GoGo performances for this night and we invite all House members past and present to attend!

The stage will feature the famous windows of Red Light Amsterdam, for a marathon of High Hooker go-go and specialty XXX shows courtesy of the HOUSE OF DOMINATION, including DOLLY, LILY, BETTY and AMBER DOMINATION as Xaviera Hollander. Their superstar guests will include the astounding ROBERT FLOWRYDER as the Dutch Policeman. Other highlights will include Empress CHI CHI VALENTI reading from THE HAPPY HOOKER set to a high Seventies Sleaze Disco soundtrack by DJ JOHNNY DYNELL, and Red-Light Seventies striptease by LADY ACE of BOMSHELL at 1:30. A Virtual Peepshow installation by ArtMaker TONYA KNUDSEN, "Dutch Pumps, Glass Doors Und Blond" will be created for the night for viewer's interactive pleasure.

THE HOOKER'S BALL NYC was born in 1999 at the legendary JACKIE 60 to lament the end of streetwalking in the Meat Market neighborhood. The last Annual party to be born at Jackie 60, the ball has taken place every year since, and moved to New Year's Eve in 2001. JACKIE 60 FURTHER ball producers CHI CHI VALENTI. KITTY BOOTS, HATTIE HATHAWAY and JOHNNY DYNELL acknowledge (and hope to live up to) the rich history of HOOKER'S BALLS of yore - including MARGO ST. JAMES and her San Francisco editions 25 years ago. Like those events, this is a truly MIXED crowd - something, and someone, for everyone.

SUGGESTED DRESS: Xaviera Hollander "Call Me Madam" Looks, Amsterdam "Window Girl" effects, Feather Boas, Cash (Dollars or Guilders,) Dutch Dominatrix, Full-on Pimp Drag, Sex Tourist, Boogie Nights, Sharkskin and Silk, Tranny Streetwalker Chic, High Seventies Hustler Boy, Coffeshop Stoner Gear, Out-Of-Town John, Stripper Showgirl Realness, Sex Workers Unite logos or Full Evening Dress.
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And thank YOU jackies for keeping the price down and not being greedie. It is really aprecieted this year so even my unemployed friends can come out and drink in 2003 with the Empress and company.

Best of all is my visiting freinds who go to the Cannabis Cup every year in Am-damn. they actually have somethin to wear on the dresscode
SLC punk has nothing on Siouxicide City Iowa (also known as Sewer City). Last night had great run in with a punk legend in these parts as well as others, long-lost cracker of my ribs in high school in the mosh pit, Pete Phillips, who actually was playing at CBGBs around the time of the Hookerball 2. Apparantly, the Jackie crowd left quite an impression on him. And this is no small feat!

Saw four amazing acts last night, and forgot just how talented these kids are out here. white soul I think you could call it. The best, was a rather 300 pound 16-year old screaming about how hungry he was in front of a big sign with the pledge of allegience on it. And all the others screaming and pleading on hands and knees for him to remove his shirt. I think I have a picture coming, if not, I may have to reevaluate my stance on drawing outies.

Anyhow, this trip creatively is gettting me tremendously riled to produce some great f'ing art, hope you can handle it when i get back because I'm letting it loose New Year's at Hooker Ball 4!

The punks, to whom I gave one of my last flyers to, placed it (and it alone on the entrance table) in some sort of worshipful and respectful act of something cool having found it's way here of all places.

The underground may be critical to New York subversives, but just the idea of it, a reason to live for those who've never seen it, but know it exists somewhere, or elsewhere.
Hi my dears-

Back in town and in a full frenzy of Red-Light Amsterdam preproduction for the Hooker's Ball, and glad so many friends seem to be coming for this!

Some news on the Hooker's Ball-


If you'd like to purchase tickets via credit card or PayPal, you can now do it on easily on our web page. We'll be taking CASH ONLY at the door, so if you're cash-tapped do buy your tix this way, and just bring your confirmation email and ID to the door.


Diamanda Galas just sent us six copies of her new CD THE SPORTING LIFE to give out at the Ball!


One of the Domination Legends tba and myself are going on Naked New York Monday night to plug/preview The Ball. Thats the Metro Channel, I'll find out time..

Can't wait to share a crib on Tuesday!
Doing the research for this night we are marvelling again and again - as we did when we went to Amsterdam - over the marvelous attitudes of the Dutch about sex, among many other things. It's a night to remember that this city was once New Amsterdam, and the attitudes and energy of the Dutch shaped olde New York, though there is precious little of it left here now!
I thought I couldn't make it, until these two synapses became very intimate with one another and I realized that I was working a block away until only about 2:00AM. DUH.

Hey Lex, get off early and bring your brother with you. I know, it's all about your dad, the toxic waste and so forth. For one night, please just forget it and have a good time.


I just got back from taping the Hookers Ball segment for Naked NY. It will be on tonight 12/30 at 10 PM and midnight, Metro TV. Some of the Jackie 60 movie/Museum of Sex Footage will also be shown - I'm not sure how much.

Other guests included a gay psychic and a porn portrait artist. Really had a good time and hope it brings lots of visiting Hookers to the party!
As seems to be a nearly annual tradition in sheer idiocy in my life, I've yet again lost my damn photo identification right before New Year's. All I've got is my birth certificate - am I going to be able to get in? (I don't even care if I can drink). I mean I just turned 30, it has to be good for something, right?


stressed out,
I'll let Kitty know you are ID-less, so coming in isn't a problem, nor would I think drinking be - having seen you lately, you look very glamorous but definately 21.

The bartenders are really trying to sort out more the 18-20 year-olds who can't drink, so if you are really baby-faced, even if older, bring ID!

So glad you are coming Reive ...
I just saw Naked NY on look FABULOUS!
It sounds like such a great event to attend. I didnt catch the part about when the show actually starts? is it at 12 or 2?
I really liked how u spoke about this whole nighlife sex scene..maybe it'll change some people's perspective and they wont think that is all about "just sex"

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Brigitte the shows will start early by 11 PM with the first House of Domination performers, then heat up after the midnight countdown. I did suggest on TV that the shows usually become their raunchiest by 2 AM - didn't mean that they are STARTING then.

Our regular guest list applies for this night. If you are a PERMANENT guest of The Factory you will be comped as always, usually plus a guest. Larger entourages are at the discretion of Kitty at the door. At $15 cover, we don't expect too many complainers!

If you are working press not usually on our list, or there is some other pressing matter, please email and we will answer you BY EMAIL before tonight.

If you want to pay by credit card or paypal, our online box office is open through 6 PM today. See our ticket page at

If you purchased tickets and did NOT receive your email confirmation (we have had a few bounce back) bring photo ID in the purchase name and your confirmation will be held there.

We'll be in production all afternoon so email if its anything important - or post here-
Otherwise, see you TONIGHT,or in 2003...
Best New Year's Eve since 1999 IMHO..THANK YOU for a glittery light bright evening with LOTS of new talent - as well as so many familiar faces.
Loved meeting Motherlovers from all over the boards and talking to new devotees from the Naked New York airing - libertarians, pervs and some sex biz beauties who had never been to one of our parties before.

Our performers did a SPECTACULAR job - Thank you Dolly, Amber (great to see you back), Betty and Flow (their couples segments were steamy!) and of course Lady Ace. Tonya's peepshow was a real delight, and even the countdown went off beautifully.

Lovely to see House of D divas Gloryhole (!), Eliza, Lily and Debravation, Andrea Bouzewah and new paramour Dana, Dale DeVere and Bootboy, Paul Alexander, Tina Paul and the Lady Arlene, Tommy Gunn, Rainbaud, Father Vincent, Betty Crow and Mrs. Crow, The Fishsticks, late-shifters Amber Ray, Rose Royalle, and Jessica Rabbit - and tons more.

So far, 2003 has been FLAWLESS!
Another spectacular evening and show! The House of Dominantion always rocks and never fails to "titilate"Smile Having the Amster. Red Light district theme added the perfect touch of sleaze to the festivities. Thanks again Chi Chi and Daddy.

A New Years Eve Hookers Ball also happens to be a wonderful setting for an artist rendering of a peep show. Tanya did an amzing job, especially considering the amount of time she had to set it up in! And Tanya, where did you get a copy of a 1969 Playboy? Huh girl?

It never ceases to amaze me how many people on the mother boards I haven't met yet and at each party get the chance to. Last night was no exception when Betty and the Mrs. came up out of no where and introduced themselves with Karen. It was great to meet you guys.

Also great to see Rose, Dale, Champaigne and Makki. the "real world bekons", but I look forward to the next EVENT!
Thanks for a great vibe and a fun crowd. Daddy Dynell on of my friends reported actual Public Sex. Unfortunately we missed that. But we were happy to meet the fabulous Rose and the sexy Amber, and to say hi to the gang. Chi Chi, thanks for sharing your anecdote about being on stage at midnight for fifteen years straight (except 2001)- an inspiration to us younguns over at 432 W. 14th Street on a Tuesday trying to make something happen.

All the best,
Richard & Dominique
oh my! breaking the ice on a new year can always be a tricky proposition unless... one has the Mother community to rally around and let your freak flag fly with fellow banner wavers!!!

wow - possibly the most fun my lady and i have had in quite a long time.

Colleen - just magnificent to meet you and better yet hang out for most of the evening. what a lovely spirit you are, let's do it again, yes?

Tonya - beautiful installation and a lovely way to plant the ArtMaker banner firmly in the Mother ground!

ChiChi & Daddy - after six years of going to your parties i was thrilled beyond measure to finally get a chance to talk with you two - you are truly an inspiration and a bright shining light in the ever growing wasteland that is nighttime NYC. ChiChi - i'm still going to get you a copy of "From Hell"

Kitty - super groovy as always and an extra treat to meet your husband - and thanks for the David Bowie comment!

Rose - lovely and sweet as always.

Betty D. and Robert F. - genius and uber sexy couple, you gave my lady and i a few ideas!

to all the rest (because i know i'm forgetting, head hurts, sorry): a truly fantastic crowd of people, strange, pervy, sexy, gorgeous, seedy... fantastic!

happy new year!

'no, i just read it somewhere.'
- tom stoppard
Well we meant to party hop last night but the Hookers Ball was such a high time we were afraid to go anywhere else when we left at 2:30 except for some food. There was something about that party that really hit the spot and made me actually glad to live here again and the rest of my group felt the same.

Maybe it was the mix, or the music, or the place. Those bartendresses really kick ass when the bar gets busy and they always make you feel good about being there. Same for Mistress Sharon (I love that woman) sat the door.
I had been believed that you guys had left before I got the ball since I arrived at 2am... but somebody said that she saw you two ! It should be your spirit of wanting to come to the ball !!! Glad that I had a start of New year by meeting up with those beautiful people*, Rose, Betty & Betty's Girl, Colleentv, Tonya(thanx for such a fascinating installation ! Eek) and... guess, missed speaking to others for my brain had been deeply marinated in Champagne at that time... Mad Thank you very much everybody*
And miss you Frown"Ted & Di", wish Di is gonna get well really sooooon*
What a great New Year's Eve! I'm still recovering! So glad I got to spend a brief but fab moment with the Empress and Daddy! Congrats on such a successful blowout!

Highlights from my evening included.....

Ringing in 2003 with a kiss from Lil' Kim.

Fishstick #2 squashed in the back of Debravations 2 seater Mercedes with full spiked mohawk. (I wouldn't give up the front!)

The flaming caldron in Donatella Versace's courtyard (so sick!)

Flowrider and Betty Domination (her pearls were major!)

The Toilet Boys VIP area at the Motherfucker party. true rock and roll debauchery.

Theo's 3am smeared lipstick.

and last but not least...Woody Allen and Soon-Yi
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They say whatever you are doing at the second a New Year begins is what you'll be doing for the rest of that year. This is the first year I honestly hope that's true. Everything was perfect; who could wish for much more (besides more of our friends in the same room)? So, if legend holds, I'll be toasting and laughing with friends and strangers, kissing and dancing with the one I love, listening to the best music for my ears, and looking forward to much, much more!
Thank you Chi Chi and Johnny for yet another wonderful place to be.

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