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As Americans are gearing up to celebrate their Day of Independence, we're training hard for a Music Marathon which not only will celebrate the music, but the independence of us all. For this musical journey, finally we've caught up with a perfect artist. His stamina translates into long long sets guaranteed to keep you grooving all night and well past the dawn. Welcome Lee Burridge! To pace him through this 20+ hour event we will add some of his close buddies to run along with him. We know that most of you (including us) are from all over the world, so in the spirit of the July 4th celebration we will brand this venture as World Independence To Have Fun Day!

This event will have two stages! Starting off on Saturday July 3rd at Club Love; oh yes, finally Lee will play at the best sound system in NYC! Moving into Sunday Morning, July 4th, the party will continue at a as of yet to be released roof top location. We are extremely pleased with the roof we secured for this as it has an amazing panoramic view on Manhattan and it is a perfect setting for the fireworks. Moreover, there will be BBQ available during the whole day. Oh yes I think we have covered all the corners! Both days Lee Burridge will grace us with extended sets, and as to who will accompany him along the way, it’s up to you to find out first hand!

Lee Burridge is a man whose dj carrier spans over 25 years, and this career has taking him from organizing events in Honk Kong, to returning to London and starting Tyrant with Craig Richards and Sasha, and to the extensive world traveling and playing some of the best clubs and festival. After numerous album compilations and a constantly busy dj schedule, one thing is for sure, Lee has no plans in slowing down! You can check out more about Lee on his recently finalized site. For those who don’t know it took him a bit longer than 5 minutes to come back and get it done! Alphahouse Records label boss, Butane’s philosophy and attitude toward music always stayed the same to his original view "My goal is to evolve as a person and an artist. I get bored with the same places, the same tastes, the same sounds. My music will always be an expression of my struggle to become a more complete person, we're constantly adapting. My music evolves with me." So prepare yourself to get musically intrigued. Costa Rica’s best exports Kabuto & Koji have been causing kick a stir in the EDM for the last 3 years. Having released for some of the most praised labels out there, such as Cocoon, Get Physical, and many others, these guys are sure to continue on their road of international success. Making his way back to the city that never sleeps will be Mike Khoury from Listed Productions in San Francisco. New York’s loyal Sleepy & Boo, play electronic music of all shapes and sizes, rocking rooms big and small across New York City and beyond. They love thick drums, big baselines, and hypnotic grooves and tripped-out sci-fi synthesizers, and know how to put it all together. Forget sticking to just one genre — as DJs, they are known for their diversity and their knack for picking tracks from across the musical spectrum. Whether it’s twisted late night excursion or peak-hour mayhem, Sleepy & Boo never fail to turn a dance floor inside out. Last and most definitely not least we are presenting a special Back 2 Back set with our dear resident Connie and Feygin from New York’s Global Frequencies! Called the "hottest new producer to come out of NYC" by X-Press 2, Global Frequencies' prolific resident, Feygin, a Brooklyn native, has a plethora of recent original and remix work on the labels Skint, Diynamic, Safari, Darkroom Dubs & many more, with massive support from top DJs and producers around the world.

So bring all your flags and join us for this musical adventure!
Kabuto & Koji
Mike Khoury
Sleepy & Boo
Connie & Feygin Special B2B Set
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