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I am highly enjoying Kylies new single "Slow". I first heard it whilst in Barcelona on their version of MTV (the vid was hot as well, Kylie lounging by a pool as various male and female sun-worshippers writhe around her) and its due for release in the States in February. It has a cool eighties vibe about it and I love Kylie anyway, she IS the Madonna that Ms. Ritchie forgot, never takes herself too seriously.
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Not only do I love Kylie because she has been bubble gum-a-liscious for over a decade but also for all her tiny/quirky projects. The latest, "Copacabana," a collaboration with Nick Knight and Liz Neal, can be seen at:

(select "Lyric" from the menu)

Kylie has contributed to this fascinating new multimedia project entitled 'Lyric', whereby each of the 12 artists involved was given a Motorola video call handset and asked to make a series of short films to illustrate the song of their choice.

Twelve leading creatives from the fields of fashion, music and image-making have come together to produce eight distinct projects under this umbrella project that pioneers creative ground using the latest 'third generation' mobile-imaging technologies. Each contributor, or creative pairing was issued with a 'Motorola' handset with video call facility on '3's video mobile network, and asked to make a series of short films or 'motion clips' that visually interpret the song lyrics of their choice - producing one clip for each lyric line.

The contributors have produced a clip for each lyric line, and each lyric and clip is released one by one over a month-long period, gradually revealing the visual interpretations of each maker in numerous audacious, provocative outcomes On completion, each song sequence imparts a sense of the personality of the practitioners.
(From May just be perfection:

Kylie recently spent three days in the studio writing and recording with band-of-the-moment Scissor Sisters. Said lead singer Jake Shears: "We were really collaborating and it went really well and I'm happy because I think she had a really good time. I think we made some really good stuff. We just got down to business. We were down there (in the studio) for long days so I feel like we got to know each other quite a bit which was pretty fun."

In my opinion has smacks of the "Impossible Princess" era when Kylie enlisted then band of the moment, The Manic Street Preachers and other notables such as Nick Cave. Of course it led to her biggest commercial failure yet greatest artistic achievement. Other than the shining moment that is "Slow," "Body Language," at least in its production, is much to geared towards an American market. Personally I would love to see Kylie videos in which she ceases to parade like every other pop strumpet and return to videos of yore - floating dead in a stream after having her head bashed in by a rock - beautiful, genius.
Joking aside I think the only silver lining of this is that a young, mainstream and yes, small breasted star having cancer is unexpected and will really promote awareness. The news programmes here are giving out lots of information in relation to the Kylie cancer story. I'm just waiting to cringe as the news stories give way to an uniformed and misinformed vox pop "Chavalanche."

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