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Well I see that Lady Ga Ga's "Just Dance" has overtaken Beyonce's "Single Ladies" for the number one song in the country!

What do we think about The Ga Ga?

I've never met "The Ga" but everyone that I know that has worked with her likes her.
Some REALLY like her.
They say that she's nice and is a lot of fun.

I know there are the obvious comparisons to Madonna but "nice" and "a lot of fun"...

She is definitely her own animal.

Like I say, I don't know her but I wish her well.
She's obviously got an ear for the Pop.

God Speed Ga Ga!
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Yeah she seems pretty cool. She did a show at Josh Wood's party at the Madison (Mr Black v2.0) and was nice. I loike that she unashamedly loves making pop music but also doesn't go for cookie cutter image.

However....someone said they saw her in an interview talking about having worked her way up all the downtown clubs to get to where she is. I never heard of her till a year ago. Doesn't mean anything necessarily since I only hang out at the Cubby Hole, I'm just saying...
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