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I fell in love with Lady Hennessey the second I saw her. She was dancing at Copacabana, and wearing a white sailor's cap and jacket with a red jeweled lace number underneath. She was just to good for words. I found her on one of my nelson Sullivan tapes, popping that ass like I have never seen before. Then after she pulled a length of ribbons out of her ass, she proceeded to contort herself into positions unknown to me before that moment.

I have looked far and wide for any information about her, and have come up with nothing. I don't know how someone this great could of disappeared. It's not everyday that you come across a double-jointed dancer that can lactate on command.

Does anyone have any information on her? Any images of her? Anything at all.

__//smoke a cigarette_i'm not ready yet\\__

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I'm with you VIP, Lady Hennessey Brown was...
well, I really don't know what to say she was.
She was unique.
I did MANY shows with her. I even toured through Europe with her. (Miss Understood was there as well). I saw things come out of that pussy and ass that still mystify me to this day. She kept her pussy very clean. She was obsessed by it. She used to douche every day with Evian water. (That can't be good).
The only time I saw her act get out of hand was in Barcelona. We were playing at this sort of upscale nightclub. The nicely dressed audience was crowded around the stage to get a close look at her amazing pussy tricks. For some reason she stuck her hand into this gigantic jar of Vasoline and pulled out hand fulls of the gunk and started throwing it into the audience. People were horrified! I was horrified. I cut her music and stopped the show. They dragged her off the stage. There must have been thousands of dollars worth of damage to suits and dresses etc. If it was America they would have sued her for millions.
She was a character. I say "was" because I have no idea where she is now. Probably still having babies. She used to have babies so she could squirt milk out at people in the crowd. It was a big part of her show.
Why anyone would go see an act like Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson is beyond me.
She turned up in the weirdest place in the mid 90's. It was during that freakish talk show fad, you know, when there wew like 50 different daytime shows. Whatever the topic was it had NOTHING to do with her as a performer. She was just part of a panel (of experts?) commenting on whatever the topic was. I guess it was like VH1 does today. Who are these people? Why are they here to talk about this?
Oh just the thought of traveling around with her makes me smile, daddy.

So wait.... how many kids did she have? From the video I saw of her, she looked like she had an amazing body. Her back and chest looked ripped. And couldn't she of just used a breast pump to keep up her milk?

You wouldn't happen to have any pictures of her do you? I want to screen her onto some clothing.

And miss understood.... I don't know what is up with those vh1 shows...who picked this group of people to comment on everything. It was that damn 'I love the 80's' series. Since then it has just been show after show about the same 15 people, all shuffled around and re-categorized to make new topics for the same 10 people to talk about.

Why anyone cares what Hal Sparks has say to about anything is beyond me.
Weird--a passing mention of someone who's most likely Lady Hennessy Brown is in this current New York Magazine article. Here's the quote:

When I arrived in New York on Valentine's Day, 1988, I felt like the family pet that accidentally gets left behind but inexplicably finds its way across thousands of miles to turn up on the doorstep one day, exhausted, a little worse for wear, but so happy. I knew exactly one person who lived here, and the first thing she did was take me to some scary disco in midtown where I saw the performance artist Leigh Bowery walking around with lightbulbs attached to his head and a black woman onstage whose act was to lactate on the crowd.
My mom isnt still having kids. She had 3 children, one son that died in 1991 and two twins, me being one of them. She was able to lactate using a special technique, not because she was always pregnant. Do you think someone pregnant can do all the things my mom was able to do and not hurt herself and or the child?? And my mom told me about the incident in Spain with the vasoline. What is there to be horrified about???? Wow vasoline, so horrible!! you and the rest of Europe need to get the big stick out of your ass. Big deal!!! She wowed crowds all over the world. I'm sure you would have wanted to be in her shoes but you werent. You were on the side line where you belong watching the feature performer, my mother Lady Hennessy Brown.
Milano, this topic is for discussion of your mother and you are certainly most welcome here. However, you are not welcome to come on personally attacking someone who is voicing their opinion of one action of your mother's that he did not approve of.

As a DJ traveling though Europe with Susanne, I daresay Johnny Dynell was not envious of her or anyone else on that bill. We were both shocked and disappointed in her show that night - I was also there. It is NOT okay to throw handfuls of liquids or anything slippery into club audiences - besides ruining someone's night, it is dangerous from a slip and fall standpoint.

I understand that those lines must have been very blurry because of the norms of her act, which she was booked for. But like the piercing show performers who began to throw dirty piercing stakes into the audience at another show, sometime the "fourth wall" must be a bit more unbreachable.
That's right Missy.
I'm a big Lady Hennesy Brown fan.
She was (and I'm sure still is) an amazing performer AND SO MUCH FUN!!
We had a blast.
The Vaseline thing was fucked up though, sorry but it was.
Vasleine does not come out of clothes and there were a lot of ruined garments.
How would you like it?
But I love her.
She's realy something special.

But I'm curious Milano,
Tell us about you.
What do you do?
Lady Hennessy's son, WOW!
You must have some stories.

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