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April 21 - 27, 2003

Week-long t*-girl party in LV

Details at

Some girls find this group too tame, but it's a no-cost week-long rolling party structure. Get on the party bus (it's a metaphor, girl) for those events you want to go to and skip the ones you think are boring. There's no fee to register. There's no organization to join, there's no conference to attend (this ain't Southern Comfort, it's a vacation). We plan this every year because we like hanging out together and we have a better time when t*-girls crash a dance club and take over. Candidly, it also helps a little from a safety standpoint because we split our time about 50-50 between the straight and gay parts of LV. We do it all (drink, dine, gamble, dance, shop, drink) in style. This is our 7th year to do this.

Registering gets you on the confidential e-mail list for parties and their locations. Most parties don't cost anything, except for your drinks. You do have to buy your own ticket for the LV shows (Jubilee at Ballys, for example). Your single biggest cost is airfare and hotel. We're not a travel agent and we don't book blocks of rooms. Everyone is strictly responsible for arranging their own travel. When you join the list, we do offer tips about how to save money.

Last year we had over 100 girls and this year we expect over 125, plus we do attract chasers (usually very nice ones with money). Hope to see some more NYC beauties out there this year. But it's only 6 weeks away. Get a plane and hotel reserved now before they go up any higher.
A last serious (and, unfortunately, political) note: Diva Las Vegas 2003 will not cancel in the event of war. Most of us buy non-refundable airline tickets. If the airlines are flying, many of us will be there along with 20+ local LV girls that we hang with. We hold a similar (but smaller) annual event in autumn in Chicago and we went ahead with that in November of 2001. We don't let terrorists or politicians dictate our behaviors or social mores, just as we don't try to impose our choices on others.

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