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someone in the 'female rockers' forum brought up that le tigre deserves their own forum... so here it is!!! I LOVE LE TIGRE SO MUCH I WOULD TATTOO IT ON MY FOREHEAD!!! (well, maybe that's taking it a little far) but if JC asked me to I would seriously consider it... speaking of JC... there's an interview with her and a photo shoot at solanasonline- a webzine by another motherlover.. the link can be found in artmaker:, in the first launch issue. woohoo le tigre!!!
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Geeze, it would take a long time just to even mention everything that's right about Le Tigre, and I'm a busy guy. I guess their biggest accomplishment is that they've managed to make their music completely political AND completely fun, which can't be easy since so few others pull it off.

Initially I didn't like their second album, "Feminist Sweepstakes" as much as their debut, but it has grown on me. It's less dancy and more headphone.
I adore Le Tigre. I made a few videos for their last tour. They are a hoot to work with. Each one of them has the greatest personality. Kathleen Hanna is such a ruler. She is genius! I can't say enough about her. and of course , she is humble as pie about it. I really admire their vision its so unique. hard to find these days.

vive la tigre
i understand that talking about le tigre can be totally overwhelming because everything about them is just so wonderful... so here's a few starters:
1. integrity
2. positive message
3. intense style, varying undertones in different albums
4. talent
5. tude, they've got the at-ti-tude, but from what i understand, this is very much their performance, not real life- good
6. talent again
7. hot hot hot
8. sometimes they let their fans come on stage and sing with them (im not sure if this is a rumor, but one of my friends claimed it happened to him)
9. intelligent lyrics
10. passion
yes, double on all of that. and also:

11. pedigree

Kathleen's old band was Bikini Kill, of course, similarly amazing to Le Tigre. Sadie Benning made those pixelvision experimental videos as a teen and landed in the Whitney Biennial. I dunno really much biography about the other 2, but I like what they're doing.

12. FUN!

Doing really serious work very, very well, yet keeping it sort of light and silly and danceable, which gets more people listening & of course entertains
good point! i think they are an example of positive protesters- their message is spread more widely than others because their music is so fun and danceable... whereas lots of other feminist messages are shot down or put in a box. le tigre is kind of like the radical cheerleaders- intelligent, positive, radical, and fun fun fun!

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